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Adriano Paz

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Q: Who was the first south American to score in the English premier league?
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When was the English premier league created?

The first Premier League season was 1992/3

Who is first Indian player to play English Premier League?

There is no Indian footballer who has played in the English premier league

Who IS the first Nigeria player to play in English premier league?

Selestin babayahro is the first nigeria player to in english premier league(chelsea)

Who was the first American manager to manage a premier league team?

There has never been an American manager in the Premier League.

Who was the first Dutch player to score in the English premier league?

Manchester Cities Michelle Vonk in 1992, was the first Dutchman to score in the English premier league.

When did Chelsea win the English premier league?

Chelsea won the English Premier League in 2005, 2006 and 2010. They won the old first division in 1955, the equivalent of the Premier League now.

Who won the first English premier league title?


When was English premeier league invented?

1992/93 was the first Premier League season

Who was the First player to score in English premier league?

Teddy Sheringham

Who scored the first own goal in the English Premier League?


How many times have man utd won the league not premier league?

Man Utd have won the English league (first division) 7 times, not including the English Premier League, which the have won 11 times.

Who was the first goalkeeper to concede a goal in the English Premier League?

peter schmeichel

Who was the first American to play in the English premier league?

John Harkes was the first american soccer player to play in the Premier league. PLaying for Sheffield Wednesday in the EPL's inaugural season. Harkes played 5 seasons in the EPL and a couple more in league 1. Finished his career with 90 National team caps.

Teams are there in UK premier league?

English Premier League - currently 20 teams (was 22 in its first few seasons). Scottish Premier League - 12 teams (was 10 teams for about 25 years).

Who scored the first English Premier League goal at old trafford?

Brian Deane

Who scored the first ever televised English Premier League goal?

Teddy Sheringham

Who was the first welsh man to score a goal in the English premier league?

ian rush

Who was the first team to win the English premier league?

Manchester United won the first Premier League in the 1992-93 season. However, Preston North End won the first ever League Championship in 1888-89.

Who won the 1974 English premier league?

It would have been known as the first division then, as the Premier League did not come into existence until 1992. The 1974 League Champions were Leeds United.

Who was the first player to reach 200 Premier League goals?

Alan Shearer is the only player to score 200 goals in the English Premier League, he finished his career with 260 goals in the league.

How many premier league has arsenal won?

Arsenal Football Club is an English Premier League football club based in Holloway , London. One of the most successful clubs in English football, it has won 13 First Division and Premier League titles and 10 FA Cups

How many times have chelsea won the english premier league?

Chelsea Football Club has won the English Premier League three times ('04-'05, '05-'06, and '09-'10). Also, Chelsea won the first divison league cup in the 1954-1955 season, which was the top tier of English football before the creation of the English Premier League in 1992.

Who scored the first ever headed English premier league goal?

me during the revolutionary war

Who scored the first ever English Premier League goal by head?

Brian Dean

First team in English football with an all foreign team?

The first team to do that in the Premier League was Chelsea.