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Q: Who was the first rugby team to get over 100 points?
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What does and bpts stand for on the rugby log?

Points for the team, points against the team, points difference, tries for the team, tries against the team and bonus points

What was dan carters first rugby team he played in?

the first rugby team Dan carter played in was the crusader's.

In rugby if a team scores 8 trys do they get 2 bonus points?


Which rugby team scored 162 points?

new zealand vs japan

How much is a try worth in rugby?

A touchdown (worth 1 point) is awarded when an attacking player places the ball on the ground, on or over the defending teams scoreline; after a team scores, the play begins again with a tap in the middle of the field by the non scoring team.

How does a team score in rugby?

they can get a try for 4 points. a try conversion for 2 points. a penalty kick for 2 points or a field goal for 1 point.

Who was the first international rugby team?

The rugby brewers i beilive. They where in the 1950-1960 era around there.

What team defeated New Zealand in the 2007 Rugby World Cup?

France beat them by 20 points to 18 points in the quarter final.

How do the points work in rugby?

Rugby Union:Tries: 5 points.Conversions: 2 points. (so if a team scores a converted try they will score 7 points)Penalties: 3 points.Drop Goal: 3 points.Rugby League:Tries: 4 points.Conversions: 2 points. (so if a team scores a converted try they will score 6 points)Penalties:2 points.Drop Goal: 1 point.

Who were the first rugby league team to win in Spain?


Rugby best team?

The worlds best rugby team is headingley hawks from leeds who have not lost a game for 6 years and there star man ross hammill has a average score of 10 points per match

How are points scored on a rugby union team?

try = 5 points Conversion (converted try) 2 points drop goal = 3 points penalty goal = 3 points Pentalty try = 5 points