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Joe Namath

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Q: Who was the first pro football player to wear white cleats?
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Who was the first NFL player not to wear black cleats?

Billy "White Shoes" Johnson, a famous return specialist for the houston oilers was the first NFL player to wear withe cleats.

What actors and actresses appeared in Epic Flag Football - 2012?

The cast of Epic Flag Football - 2012 includes: Jeremy Driver as Football Player - Team Black Aaron Geiger as Football Player - Team White Jenna Hale as Pregnant Quarterback Mary Vaughan as Football Player - Team White Benjamin Walter Jones as Referee Brandon Westbrook as Football Player - Team White Austin Wiseman as Football Player - Team White Henry Xavier Smith as Football Player - Team Black

What color are the Syracuse lacrosse cleats?


Where can you get cheap football cleats?

you can get cheap ones at sports authority they are about 35 bucks nike black and white. they come in low cut and med cut. theres no any other cleats cheaper than that. Cheaper ones are at Ross. 15 bucks

How can i make tie dye cleats?

I don't know how to make tie dyed cleats, but you can use permanent markers to color white cleats however you want.

Which player in football is known as white pearl?

albert guðmundsson

Who was first free agent in football?

Reggie White

Who was a NFL Football player who wore number 11?

Danny White

What Dallas football player was known as the Manster?

Randy "The Manster" White

Who is the best famous woman football player in the world?

Fay White

Who starts in a game of chessthe blacke player or the white player?

The white player goes first.

What cleat color do the Oakland Athletics wear?

They wear white cleats.

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