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SAm Snead

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Q: Who was the first player to win the Masters green jacket?
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Who won the first green jacket at the Masters Golf Tournament?

Sam Snead won the first Green Jacket, the symbol of the Masters champion in 1949.

What do you win in the masters?

Green jacket

Who presented green jacket to tiger at first masters win?

Nick Faldo.

Who won the first green jacket at the Masters?

In 1949 the first Green Jacket was awarded to that year's Masters champion, Sam Snead. The single breasted, single vent Jacket's color is "Masters Green" and is adorned with an Augusta National Golf Club logo on the left chest pocket. The logo also appears on the brass buttons.

When did Jack Nicklaus win his first green jacket?

Jack Nicklaus first won the Masters in 1963.

What was the name of the Canadian golfer that won a green jacket in 1994?

What Green jacket are you talking about? It wasn't the Masters.

Which color jacket does the Masters' winner receive?


Who was the first player to win the green jacket?

Sam Snead

Why do they wear green jackets for winning the masters?

The green jacket, actually a blazer, is the official jacket of members of Augusta National Golf Club. The winner of the masters becomes an honorary member and is therefore awarded a green jacket of his own.

The Green Jacket' is presented to the winner of which sporting event?

The Masters

Who won the first Masters Golf Tournament?

The first Masters was contested in 1934 and was won by Horton Smith of the United States with a score of -4. Smith also won the Masters in 1936.(Smith did win the Masters Golf Tournament, but the First Green Jacket

Can golfers get two green jackets?

They get a green jacket every time they win The Masters, they can have as many as they win.

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