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Q: Who was the first person to try jumping?
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What is the 5th person past progressive of to jump?

In English, we have first, second, and third person, but no fifth person. Each person has a singular and plural form.Past progressive forms of jump:I was jumping (first person singular)We were jumping (first person plural)You were jumping (second person singular and plural)He/she was jumping (third person singular)They were jumping (third person plural)

What did Justin try for the first time in New Zealand?

Bungy jumping

What does Justin Bieber try for the first time in New Zealand?

bungy jumping

Who was the first person to try snowboarding?

The first person to try snowing was thomas quitin.

First person to win gold medal 2010?

Simon Ammann (Ski Jumping)

When was bungee jumping invented?

When was bungee jumping first performed

How do you do CPR to drowning person?

take try to take out the person from the first.

Who named mercury the jumping planet?

a person

What is the cheat code jumping cars in gta vc?

Slap Sadie on the face and kiss her and then punch her. Then try jumping.

What is something a very adventurous person might try on vacation?

sky diving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, scuba diving, surfing, parasailing

What to do when nude and bored?

Try cooking bacon. That sizzle will get you jumping!

How do you use a trampoleen?

Let's see... try jumping on it silly

Who was the first person to try a pig?

evil doctor porkchop!

Who was the first person to try popcorn?

George Washington Carver.

When carlisle first became a vampire how did he try to kill himself?

Bethenie Korn: Starvation, jumping from incredible heights, drown himself in the ocean

How did charlisle try to kill himself when he first became a vampire?

He tried jumping off a cliff and starving himself and something else I think.

What metaphor is good for a excited person?

she/he is a jumping jackrabbit!

How many jumping jack must a 150 lb person doe to burn off 1 pint of ice cream?

Try for 100, or till you pass out!

How many jumping jacks to burn 2000 calories?

To burn off one calorie a person must do 2 jumping jacks. Therefore, to burn off 2,000 calories a person must do 4,000 jumping jacks.

Who was the first person to try to make a perpetual motion machine?

the second person who wanted electricity.

Are Mexican jumping beans real?

Yes, they are. Actually, one larva is inside the bean. when they try to get out of the bean then the bean starts jumping.

Who was the first person to try chocolate?

My interpretation would be your fat mom

Who was the first person to try cheese?

if your talking about green cheese then the moon did!

Does the height of a person effect their jumping distance?

Your height does not effect your jumping distance at a standing position but your skill of jumping and using your arms and legs will increase the distance of the jump.

Who was the first person to try out first phone invented?

Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant Watson