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Q: Who was the first person to serve the ball over 100mph in tennis?
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When do you get a second serve in table tennis?

When the first serve is a let.

What is the first stroke of tennis called?

a serve

When tennis score is 6-6 who serves first.?

The person who returned in the 6-5 game will serve first in the tie-break.

How do you know whos serve it is in Table Tennis?

the last person to xcore takes a serve

In tennis what is the first action that starts the game?


In tennis when you start a match which side do you serve from?

On the first serve of every game you serve from the right side.

Who begins serve at the start of a new set in tennis?

The person who did not serve the last game of the previous set. At the start of matches, the first server is determined by a coin toss

How is the right to serve decided in tennis?

The right to serve is decided by the court and the person that scored the last point will serve. <3

Why is the speed of a tennis first serve measured?

It's measured because the first serve speed is a very important statistic. The faster a serve is, the harder it is for the opposing player to return. By knowing a person average first serve speed, you can then decide on what kind of strategy you can use to return the serve and win the point

Tennis the first stroke of any point is called what?


What is a service fault in tennis?

a service fault in tennis is when you either when you serve and you don't get it over the first line OR you get it out

Does the same person serve the entire tennis game?

no at the end of the game you serve, then at the end of your service game, your opponent serves, then you serve, the she/he etc

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