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Darryl Strawberry

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Q: Who was the first overall pick of the 1980 baseball draft?
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Who got drafted in first pick in the NFL draft of 1980?

The Detroit Lions selected Oklahoma running back Billy Sims with the First overall selection in the 1980 NFL Draft.

Who did the Philadelphia 76ers draft in the first round of the 1980 college draft?

Andrew Toney

Which quarterback was chosen first in the 1980 NFL draft?

First pick of 1980 was RB Billy Sims.

Who was selected in the first round 23rd overall by the Detroit Pistons in the 2002 NBA Draft?

Tayshaun Prince, who went to college in Kentucky, was born 02/28/1980.

Who was the first pick in the 1980 NHL Draft?

Doug Wickenheiser (F)

What are the release dates for 1980 NFL Draft - 1980 - TV?

1980 NFL Draft - 1980 - TV was released on: USA: 29 April 1980

When was the first NFL draft televised and by what network?

April 29-30th 1980 by ESPN

Who was the 23 Draft pick in the 1980 NBA Draft?

The 23rd player chosen in the 1980 NBA draft was guard Carl Nicks from Indiana State University by the Denver Nuggets.

When was the 1980 NHL Entry Draft?

At the end of the 1979-1980 season in the month of June (1980)

What is the highest first round draft pick the Utah Jazz has had?

With the #2 draft pick in the 1980 NBA Draft, they obtained Darrell Griffith from the University of Louisville. -They passed by Kevin McHale who went on to be a Hall of Famer

Who was the first person selected in the 1980 nfl draft?

RB Billy Sims from the University of Oklahoma by the Detroit Lions.

How many overall number one draft picks have the Detroit Lions had?

The first overall selection by the Lions in 2009 will be their fourth: 1) 1943 - Frank Sinkwich, RB, University of Georgia 2) 1950 - Leon Hart, E, Notre Dame 3) 1980 - Billy Sims, RB, University of Oklahoma 4) 2009 - ?

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