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tony parker

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โˆ™ 2012-04-04 15:35:16
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Q: Who was the first nba player to do a 360 dunk?
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How do you do a 360 dunk in nba 2k11 for ps3?

You have to have a high dunk rating. You can always under signature dunk choose the 360 dunk when you edit your player.

How do you do a 360 between the legs dunk in nba 2k11 on xbox 360?

First of all you have to upgrade your dunk until you unlock all signature/specialty dunks. If your dunk attribute is high enough, go to edit your player and choose that dunk under signature dunks.

Who was the first player to dunk in a NBA game?

Edward Chatman

Who was the first NBA player to slam dunk?

Julius erving

Who was the first Nba player to dunk a basketball and in what year?

Joe Williams

How do you dunk in nba 2k10 on xbox 360?


First person to dunk in the NBA?

The first person to dunk in the NBA was the Oklahoma's Bob Kurland in 1945.

Does nba 2k10 on ps2 have a slam dunk contest?

no i have the game and only wii,ps3,and xbox 360 has the dunk contest for nba 2k10

How do you do a 360-between the legs dunk in NBA 2k11?

You have to have a created player with the 360-between the legs specialty dunk package and then you go to practice and run towards the hoop and then point the analog stick down left diagnal.

Who was the first female in the NBA to dunk a basketball?

A female has never played in the NBA. Lisa Leslie was the first woman to dunk in a game.

How do you craddle dunk in nba 2k11?

First you need a player that has a high dunk rating, like Jordan. You can do a dunk in a game and possibly do a craddle dunk. Im not quite sure if there is a signature dunk that allows you to craddle dunk but you can try.

How do you get dunk packages in nba 2k11?

You have to upgrade your dunk attribute and edit your player to select the dunk package you want.

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