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That would be lost in history. Karate can be documented back in to the early 1800's and Martial Arts back many centuries. The various arts were blended and became karate on Okinawa in the late 1800's. Matsamora is considered by many to be the first known instructor.

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Q: Who was the first karate teacher?
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What is a name for a karate teacher?


What is a karate teacher named?


What is a karate teacher called or addressed?


How much education is required to become a karate teacher?

There are no educational requirements to teach karate.

What is the name of the person doing karate?

Karate-ka - Karate student Sensei means "teacher" Sempai means "Senior" (as in senior karate student)

Where is Dick Hedrick karate teacher?

Indianapolis, Indiana

Who is mr miyagi?

The teacher in the karate kid movie

Was Terry Allan Hicks a Karate teacher?

no,he isn't

Did John F. Kennedy do karate?

Yes! Actually, my karate teacher taught him some moves--no joke!

What is the first belt in karate?

the first belt in karate is white

What is Freestyle Karate?

Karate has many forms of practice, freestyle karate is only used in competitions and exhibitions, is a type of karate mixed with gymnastics, there is no default for freestyle kata karate. It is a kata devised by you or your teacher.

What is a job that beings with K?

kindergarten teacher karate instructor

Is there a karate book?

Yes there is such thing as a karate book but if you want a specialty you have to be training. You to ask your teacher to give you one.

When did the first Karate Kid come out?

The first Karate Kid came out in 1984.

Is karate strict?

no my karate teacher is very very nice and she is always letting us take a break and just talk

Where should you learn karate?

Any place where you can find a good teacher.

How many people does karate need?

Two, it requires a teacher and a student.

How do you use the word teacher in a silly sentence?

Our teacher is paid in pickled herring.Avoid hiring a karate teacher who has both arms in plaster casts.

What does a karate bow mean?

A karate bow is used to show respect to your teacher (sensai) and elders. We say it osu. A karate bow is also done before the start and end of class, a bout or kata.

Did Bruce Lee have a karate teacher?

He taught himself in the streets of San Francisco

What do you call a karate instructor?

A karate instructor is usually called "Sensei" or master. Sensei means "one who has gone before" or teacher in Japanese.

Where was karate first found?

Japan and the meaning for karate was (Empty Hands)

How long does it take to finish karate?

You don't 'finish' karate. It is a lifetime pursuit. There is always more to learn and experience. My teacher is 80 and continues to learn.

What is the Japanese name for the first kata in karate?

In Sanchi Ryu Karate, the Japanese name for the first kata in this style of Karate is kata-ichi (also called first series, first action). Hope this helps!

What are some carrers that start with k?

Karate instructor is a career. Kindergarten teacher is a career.