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Al Hirt

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Q: Who was the first famous entertainer to ever grace Super-Bowl halftime?
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Who was the very first famous entertainer to grace a super bowl halftime show?

Carol Channing at Super Bowl IV.

Who was the first super bowl 1 halftime entertainer?

The entertainment during half time was the marching bands from the Universities of Arizona and Michigan.

Who was first famous super bowl half time entertainer?

Rolling stones

Who was the first entertainer for half time show at Super Bowl?

College marching bands were the halftime entertainment for the first three Super Bowls. In Super Bowl IV, played at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, Carol Channing was the star of the halftime show whose theme was the Mardi Gras.

How many superbowl mvps does tom brady have?

he has two his first in superbowl 38 and his second in superbowl 39

What is Coccinelle most famous for?

Coccinelle is most famous for being the first widely publicised sexual reassignment case in Europe. She was a French transexual actress and entertainer.

Who is Rita Moreno?

Rita Moreno is a Famous Latino Actress/entertainer. She is one of the only and first to win an Oscar Grammy tony and Emmy.

When was the first superbowl?

January 15, 1967

Which individual was the premier black entertainer during the first part of the twentieth century?

Louis Armstrong was a premier black entertainer during the first part of the Twentieth Century. Smokey Robinson was a top entertainer in the 1970s.

Who did the Dallas Cowboys play in their first superbowl?


Who was the first male entertainer to be married at Caesar's Palace?

you !

Who where the first people to bowl?

The first Superbowl was played between the Packers and the Chiefs

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