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Q: Who was the first coach to have a undefeated season in football?
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When was Oklahoma sooners first undefeated football season?

never they suck and u suck

Who was Georgia Tech's first football coach?

Ernest West. Georgia Tech's first season of football was 1892 and their head coach was Ernest West. 1892 was West's only season as head coach.

What is the nickname of the Louisiana State football team?

The nickname of the Louisiana State football team is the Tigers. The nickname was first coined in 1896 after an undefeated football season.

When was the BYU Cougars first football season?

BYU's first season of football was 1922 when they went 1-5 under head coach Alvin Twitchell.

Who was first college football coach to make 1 million?

Bobby Bowden from Florida State, was the first college football coach to earn $1 million for a season in 2001.

Who was the university of Alabama's first coach?

That was E.B. Beaumont who was head football coach in 1892. The Tide's record that season was 2-2 and it was the only season the Beaumont served as head coach.

Who was the first head football coach at Florida State University?

That was Ed Williamson who was head coach for only the first season of the team, 1947. The Seminoles went 0-5 that season.

Who was the first NFL coach for the NFL football team cardinals?

The Cardinals' first season in the NFL was 1920 and their head coach was Paddy Driscoll. He was head coach from 1920-1922.

What year did the Cleveland Browns have an undefeated season?

The 1948 Cleveland Browns of the All American Football Conference had a regular season record of 14-0 and won the AAFC championship game over the Buffalo Bills to become the first professional football team to go through an entire season, including playoffs, undefeated.

Who was Alabama state university's head football coach in 2007?

Reggie Barlow ... 2007 was his first season as head coach of the Hornets.

In what year did Bobby Bowden become FSU's football coach?

Bobby Bowden's first season as head coach of Florida State was 1976.

Who was the first coach of the New England Patriots?

The Patriots first season was 1960 as a charter member of the American Football League. Their head coach in 1960 was Lou Saban.

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