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Earl Lloyd

April 28

Earl Lloyd

*On this date we celebrate the birth of Earl Lloyd in 1928. He was an African American Basketball player, the first Black man to play in a National Basketball Association (NBA) game.

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Q: Who was the first black to play in the national Basketball association?
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Why is the NBA called nba?

first there were two conferences, the NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION, and the AMERICAN BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION. But the NBA was better, so they merged into just the NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION.

National Basketball Association What was the first name of Smits?


Who was the first University of Kentucky men's basketball player drafted into the National Basketball Association?

some whitey who no one pride

Who were the first two African American to play in the National Basketball Association?

me and me

What does a NBA basketball player do?

Well, first they have to get picked by an NBA (National Basketball Association) team. Then they play basketball.

Who was the first team to win the National Basketball Association championship?

michael jordan

What year was the NBA formed?

NBA or National Basketball Association was formed on June 6, 1946 in the city of New York. It was first called as BAA or Basketball Association of America.

When was the first basketball association started?

In 1946-47 season 11 teams formed the BAA or the basketball association of america.This the first league formed.In the 1948-49 season the national basketball league was formed.A year later the NBA was formed.

Who scored the first basket in NBA history?

On November 1, 1946, Ossie Schectman scored the first basket in the first game for the Basketball Association of America. The Basketball Association of America expanded in 1949 and became known as the National Basketball Association. So Ossie Schectman is credited with having scored the first basket in NBA history.

Who was the first female NBA basketball player?

there are no women in nba they are in another organization called WNBA( Women National Basketball Association)

Who were the first two African Americans play in the National Basketball Association?

Earl Lloyd and Chuck Cooper.

Who were the 2011 National Basketball Association champs?

The 2011 National Basketball Association Champions were the western conference Dallas Mavericks. The Mavericks played against the eastern conference Miami Heat. The championship that the Dallas Mavericks won was the first ever NBA Championship for the team.

When did Elizabeth D Koontz become the first black president of the National Education Association?

when she was

What is the popularity of basketball?

Since basketball first started it has greatly increased in popularity. Basketball is one of the most well known and played sports in the world. The NBA is a league where proffessional basketball is played. NBA stand for National Basketball Association.

When was the NBA created and which two groups joined together to form the NBA?

the NBL (national basketball league) and BAA (basketball association of america) combined in 1949 to create the NBA (nationall basketball association) although stats go back to the first year of the BAA in 1946

What was the first name of the professional basketball player Woolridge?

Woolridge played in the National Basketball Association from 1981 to 1994. His full name is Orlando Vernada Woolridge and he was born in Bernice, Louisiana.

Who was the first non white player in the NBA?

Wat Misaka, who was drafted by the New York Knicks in 1947, was recently honored by the Knicks basketball franchise at a presentation during a game at Madison Square Garden. Misaka was the first non-white person to play in the National Basketball Association (NBA which was then known as the Basketball Association of America or BAA).

Who was the first female president of the national association of colored women?

โ€œIt argues that the national association of colored women (NACW)A federation of black women's adopted a feminism that was unprecedented in its militancy and well suited for race workโ€. Explain the quote

What was the first national basketball tournament?

The first national basketball tournament was the National Invitational Tournament, the NIT. It preceded the start of the NCAA tourney. The first year of the NCAA Basketball Tournament was 1939.

Who was the first openly gay NBA player?

That would be Mr. Jason Collins. Jason Paul Collins is an American professional basketball center with the Washington Wizards of the National Basketball Association. He is noted for being the first Pro Basketball player to come out publicly.

What was the first black basketball team?

the Calvary Freedmans were the first black basketball team in 1945

What was the first basketball league called?

BAA (Basketball Association of America) formed in 1898

Famous people with the first name harrison?

Harrison Ford is a famous actor. Harrison Barnes plays basketball for the Golden State Warriors in the National Basketball Association.

What is Chris Wright known for?

Chris Wright is a basketball player in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He is most known for being the first known player in all of the NBA to have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Who was the First Black SEC Basketball Player?

The first black basketball player in sec was perry Wallace from vanderbilt.