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John kennedy aug. 1957,

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Q: Who was the first black baseball player to play for the Philadelphia Phillies?
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Who was the first black player to hit a home run in the Astrodome?


When and where was baseball player Bill Black born?

Bill Black was born August 12, 1899, in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

When and where did baseball player Bill Black die?

Bill Black died January 14, 1968, in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

What was the name of Philadelphia all black Baseball team?


Why are the philadelphia phillies wearing number 32 on their uniform sleeve a small black circle?

The Phillies are wearing a black patch with a white '36' on their sleeves to honor former Phillies pitcher Robin Roberts, who died on May 6th. '32' was Steve Carlton's jersey number.

Who was the first black women baseball player?

there are no women in baseball

When did the Philadelphia Phillies sign their first African American player?

The Phillies first African American player was infielder John Kennedy whose first game with the team was April 22, 1957. I have no idea when he was signed. Kennedy's MLB career lasted 5 games. He had previous played in the Negro Leagues with the Birmingham Black Barons and Kansas City Monarchs.

Who was the first black baseball player to play for the Philadelphia National League team?

John Kennedy ... he was a pinch runner on April 22, 1957 against the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Who is Sammy Sosa?

A black baseball player

How was Jackie Robinson teased in baseball?

The Philadelphia Phillies -- and their manager Ben Chapman -- were notorious for relentless heckling of Robinson in his early days in major league baseball. Reportedly, at one game at Shibe Park in Philadelphia, a black cat was let loose onto the field. The heckling only made Robinson more determined to succeed, and he continued to excel in the majors.

What true about Jackie Robinson?

He was a black baseball player

Who was the first black player to play for the Philadelphia Warriors?

Jackie Moore - La Salle University

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