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Q: Who was the first baseball player to hold out for more money?
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Who was First baseball player to hold out for more money?


First player to hold out for more money?

The first player in Major League Baseball was George Henry "Babe" Ruth. He did not play for the Yankees until his pay was raised in 1926.

Who was the first player to hold out for more money?

Curt flood

In baseball what does hold out mean?

'Hold out' is a term used not only in baseball but in most sports. It means a player has not signed a contract and, in most cases, is looking for better contract terms such as more money or a longer length of time.

Did ty cobb hold any records?

yes, and he was easily the best baseball player ever.

What baseball player hold the record for most games in a career?

Pete Rose with 3,562 games played.

What is the oldest baseball glove?

This is some discrepancy over who invented the first baseball glove. However, Rawlings sports manufacturing company is the first recorded manufacturer of the baseball glove and does hold the patent on this first glove.

What is ryne sandberg autograph baseball worth?

It is about worth $80 but hold on to it for a little longer to gain more money.

Can you write a check against money on hold?

No. The money on hold is not available to you for any reason until the hold is released.

Is it irrational to hold money balances?

No, it is always sensible to hold some money balances.

Do players of baseball hold out?

No. Baseball contracts are two-way deals that are guaranteed on both management and a player's behalf. In other sports, contracts are not guaranteed, and the player can be cut at any time. The player on the other hand cannot void his deal. Therefore his only option for getting a better deal is to use a hold-out to pressure management into giving it to him.

Why people hold money?

People hold money because they do not wish to run out later. By saving money, it is available when needed.

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