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Spencer Gore won the first Wimbledon title in 1877.

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Q: Who was the first Wimbledon winners?
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Who wass the first Indian lady to win Wimbledon tennis championship?

There have been no Indian Wimbledon winners as of yet.

How much prize money do winners get for Wimbledon?

Winners £1.000.000 Runners up £500.000

Who were the Winners from Wimbledon of the men who were from Spain?

Rafael Nadal

What werer fa cup winners in 1988?

The winners of the English FA Cup in 1988 were Wimbledon.

How much prize money does winners at Wimbledon get in 2012?


Wimbledon pairs winners for 1976?

Wimbledon doubles winners for 1976: Men - Brian Gottfried & Raul Ramirez Ladies - Chris Evert & Martina Navratilova Mixed - Francoise Durr & Tony Roche

How much do tennis players earn at Wimbledon?

Wimbledon 2011, total prize money - £ 14,600,000. Men's & Women's singles winners - £ 1,100,000. Runners - £ 550,000. Doubles winners - £ 250,000. Runners - £ 125,000. Mix doubles winners - £ 92,000. Runners - £ 46,000.

Do the winners of Wimbledon get a rolex?

Sweetie, sorry to break it to you but if you win Wimbledon you can afford a Rolex or 20. But in case you're still wondering ,no they do not.

How much money does the winner of the womens Wimbledon title win?

The men's and women's Wimbledon singles winners receive £850,000 in prize money.

What are the names of past women's Wimbledon winners?

2007- -venus Williams 2006-venus Williams

Who won the Wimbledon Tennis title in 1985?

Wimbledon Tennis Grand Slams 1985 winners: Men' title - Boris Becker. Women's title - Martina Navratilova.

What werer fa cup winners in1988?

The team that won the FA cup in 1988 was Wimbledon in England.

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