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First U.S female gymnast to get the gold medal was Julianne McNamara.

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2008-07-19 19:21:49
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Q: Who was the first US gymnast to take home the gold medal?
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Has Canada ever won a gold Olympic medal in Canada?

Yes. As of 2010 Alexandre Bilodeau won the first ever Olympic gold medal for Canada on home soil. He competed in the Men's Moguls.

Who was the first American to win an Olympic gold medal in Tae Kwon Do?

Arlene Limas - in 1988, there were 16 gold medals in taekwondo. Ten medals went to South Korea, 3 went to the United States, 2 went to Taiwan and 1 went to Denmark. Arlene Limas (welter weight) won her match on September 17, 1988. Her team mates Lynnette Love (heavy weight), Dana Hee (light weight), Jimmy Kim (heavyweight), also brought home gold medals. In 1992, Herbert Perez (heavyweight) brought home a gold medal for TeamUSA. In 2000, Steven Lopez (lightweight) brought home a gold medal for TeamUSA. This was the first gold medal awarded in taekwondo since it was made an official medal sport of the Olympics. Previous medal winners competed in taekwondo as a demonstrations sport. In 2004, Steven Lopez (middleweight) brought home a gold medal for TeamUSA. In 2008, no one brought home a gold medal for TeamUSA. So, all together, TeamUSA has brought home seven gold medals.

Who won the gold medal in the 1900 Olympics for rugby union?

France won the inaugural rugby union gold medal at their home games in 1900.

Who was the first Canadian to bring home a gold medal in wrestling?

Daniel Igali.Igali won gold in men's welterweight freestyle wrestling at the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney.

Why did the Canadian women's ice hockey team behave like idiots when celebrating their gold medal in the Olympics?

Probably because they won a gold medal, and they were on their home ground.

Who won the women's gymnastic gold medal in 2000?

Romania took home the All-Around gold in 2000.

Who won the final gold medal for India in 2010 commonwealth games?

Saina Nehwag won India's final Gold Medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, when she won the Women's Singles in Badminton.At the 2012 London Olympics, she took home a Bronze Medal in the same event becoming the first Indian player to win a Badminton Olympic Medal.

Who won the Last gymnastics team gold medal?

In the 2004 Athen's Olympics, Romania took home the team gold.

Has anyone ever sold an olympic medal?

Yes, In 1934 an Olympian from Great Britain sold his Olympic Gold Medal to pay off his home.

When was netball first included in the commonwealth games?

Netball was first introduced as a Commonwealth Games sport at the 1998 Commonwealth Games. Australia took home the first gold medal edging out rivals, New Zealand.

Which country won the gold medal in men's rugby sevens tournament at the Rio 2016 Olympics?

The country that took home the gold medal in the Men's Rugby Sevens Tournament at the Rio 2016 Olympics was Fiji.

Which country won the gold medal in men's cross-country cycling at the Rio 2016 Olympics?

Switzerland took home the gold medal in the Men's Cross-Country Cycling event at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

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