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Bobby Orr Bobby Hull It was indeed Bobby Hull - 1965 season.

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Q: Who was the first NHL player to sign for a million dollars a year in straight salary with no bonuses?
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How much money does a baseball player makes?

Not a lot compared to cricket players. Baseball has a max contract of 19 million. That is bonuses when u win the world cup in cricket. Highest paid cricket player in a year is MS Dhoni who gets 53 million dollars a year. He is second only to tiger woods.

What is the average salary for baseball basketball and football players?

The average salary for a basketball player is 5.15 million dollars. The average salary for a football player is 14 million dollars.

What do USA national soccer player make or team salary?

It all depends on how good of a player you are. You could make as little as 2 million dollars all the way up to 87 million dollars. Plus you could make more than 87 million dollars!

What was the average NFL player salary in 1975?

In 1975 the average NFL player salary was 56000 dollars. The average salary for an NFL player in 2014 is 1.9 million dollars.

Who was the first women player in tennis to earn a million dollars?

Chris Evert

How much a NBA player is worth?

4 million dollars

How much of a salary do you get if you play professional baseball?

It depends on how good the player is. If the player is really good they can make over 100 million dollars. If they are not very good they will make somewhere under 1 million dollars.

How much does a NHL player get paid?

Depends on their talent, team and possible signing bonuses. Most players make over a Million Bucks a season.

Average wage for an NBA player?

it is about .5 million dollars a month

Who was the first soccer player to make 100 million dollars?


How much to play NBA basketball?

The average professional basketball player makes a salary of 1.1 million dollars per year. The average NBA player makes 4.2 million dollars per year. Most NBA rookies make about $750,000 per year. Also, a well liked and highly skilled NBA player can make up to 10 million dollars per year.

Who was the first LPGA player to earn two million dollars?

Annika Sörenstam

Most expensive NBA player?

Kobe Bryant with 24 million dollars

Who was the first baseball player to earn 100 million dollars?

Kevin Brown

Who was the first nhl player to make one million dollars?

Bobby Hull

How much can a NBA player make a year?

About 2-5 million dollars

Who was the first player in woman's tennis to earn a million dollars?

your mom :D

Who was the first baseball player to earn three million dollars a year?


Who was the first football player to earn a million dollars a year?

messi probley

Is the average salary for a player on the Yankees over six million dollars?


What is the average salary of a NBA basketball player?

10 million dollars on a average contract

How much does a Professional soccer player earns?

They make 5 $- 30$ million of dollars

What is a football players salary?

The average salary of a NFL player is 1.9 million dollars.

Who was the first position player to be paid a million dollars in professional baseball?

Nolan Ryan

Salary for pro baseball player?

about 3 million dollars if you are pretty good if not and 800.000