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The Green Bay Packers won Super Bowls I and II.

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Q: Who was the first NFL team to win a super bowl?
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Who was the first nfl football team to win a Super Bowl?

The Green Bay Packers won what were retrospectively named Super Bowl I and II, but then they were named the NFL-AFL championship game. The NY Jets were the first team to win a Super Bowl when it was called the Super Bowl.

What NFL team lost the first ever Super Bowl?

Kansas City Chiefs were the fist team to lose a Super Bowl.

Which Super Bowl team is in the NFL?

the saintsANSWER:All of them. The Super Bowl is the NFL's championship game.

Which team in NFL won the first Super Bowl?

The green bay packers! Easy.

Who is the first team to be undeafeted and win the super bowl?

In 1972, the Dolphins team completed the NFL's first and only perfect season culminating in a Super Bowl win, winning all 14 of its regular-season games, both of its NFL playoff games, and also Super Bowl VII.

What NFL team won a Super Bowl at home?

No team has ever played a home field super bowl.

Who were the first NFL Wild-Card team to win the Super Bowl?

1980 Oakland Raiders that won Super Bowl XV over the Eagles.

Has Super Junior ever won a Super Bowl?

No, they are not an NFL team.

Which NFL team captured the 2009 Super Bowl?

The Steelers won the 2009 Super Bowl.

Has every nfl team played in Super Bowl?


Who has in the nfL team more Super Bowl?


Which NFL team was the first to LOSE four Super Bowl games in a row?

the buffalo bills