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Bit ambiguous, but probably the Canton Bulldogs (who were formed in 1905, possibly as a semi-pro team, but went pro in the formation of the NFL in 1920).

However, a large number of other teams were formed or went pro in 1920 who might be possible contenders include:

  • Akron Pros / Indians (1920-26)
  • Buffalo All Americans / Bisons / Rangers (1920-29)
  • Chicago Tigers (1920)
  • Cleveland Tigers (1920-21)
  • Columbus Panhandles / Tigers (1920-26)
  • Dayton Triangles (1920-29)
  • Detroit Heralds (1920)
  • Hammond Pros (1920-26)
  • Muncie Flyers (1920-21)
  • Rochester Jeffersons (1920-25)
  • Rock Island Independents (1920-25)
Probably the best rival claim is the Akron Pros, who were at least a semi-pro team as early as 1908.
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The first National Football League teams to play against each other were the Allegheny Athletic Association and the Pittsburgh Athletic Association. The first game was played in 1892.?æ

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Q: Who was the first NFL team to play organized football?
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