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AnswerOtto Graham!!

Team namesake and patriarch Paul Brown conceived the single-bar facemask. He ordered equipment manager Leo Murphy to fashion an appliance to keep quarterback Otto Graham on the field during a game in 1953. Graham's mouth had been torn open, but he came back after halftime and managed a victory.
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History recalls the last player in the NFL to not wear a facemask was either Pat Studstill of the Rams or Bobby Joe Green of the Bears. Both were punters and retired in the early 1970s. Wide receiver Tommy McDonald and quarterback Bobby Layne played in the 60s without wearing a face mask.

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Mark Mullaney, DE, Vikings 1975-1986

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Q: Who was the first NFL player to wear a visor?
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Who wore first NFL eye shield?

It is believed that Mark Mullaney of the Minnesota Vikings, back in 1984, was the first NFL player to wear an eye shield to help protect a previous healing eye injury. Leader was the first company to make a visor, soon followed by the likes of Nike, Oakley and Under Armor.

Who was the first NFL player not to wear black cleats?

Billy "White Shoes" Johnson, a famous return specialist for the houston oilers was the first NFL player to wear withe cleats.

Did LaDainian Tomlinson wears a dark visor because he is legally blind in one eye?

No, he has a light sensitivity issue and is allowed to wear the darker visor to help withstand the bright lights of a NFL Stadium.

Who was the first player to wear dreadlocks in the NFL?

Jamie Williams San Francisco 49ers 1987.

Can tight ends wear visors?

Under NFL rules, any player may wear a visor as long as it's untinted. Special approval (and usually a doctor's prescription) is required for tinted visors. NCAA (college) and NFHS (high school) rules go a little further in that they also specify that the visor must be "rigid" (and, as far as I can tell, there's no provision whatsoever made for tinted visors; the visor must be clear and untinted). However, they don't place any restrictions on which positions are allowed to wear them.

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the nfl started in 1936 and the first player was Jay Berwanger

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