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There was no "first ever" NFL player. The NFL was formed in 1920 and consisted mostly of a group of teams that previously were members of the Ohio League.

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Q: Who was the first NFL player in NFL history?
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Slowest NFL player in history?

That statistic is not kept by the NFL.

Who was the first player in the NFL when the NFL started?

the nfl started in 1936 and the first player was Jay Berwanger

Who was the first UK player in NFL history?

Larry Green of the 1920 Canton Bulldogs. He was born in Yorkshire.

Who was the first player in NFL history to win three Super Bowl MVP awards?

Joe Montana

Who is the first player to get 15000 passing yards in history?

In the NFL, that was Sammy Baugh of the Washington Redskins in the first game of the 1948 season.

What is the strongest player in NFL history?

According to statistics, the strongest NFL player in all of history is Ben Roethlisberger. However, in second place is Vonta Leach.

Who is the highest scoring kicker in NFL History?

Morten Andersen with 2,544 points, which not only makes him the highest scoring kicker in NFL history, but also the highest scoring player in NFL history.

Tallest player in NFL history?

The tallest player in NFL history played in only 8 games. Drafted by the Oakland Raiders in 1967, Richard Sligh was 7'0' tall.

Who was first female nfl player?

There has yet to be a female NFL football player.

Who is the strongest player in NFL history?

Ed white

Who is the shortest white NFL player?

Jack Shapiro at 5 ft 1/2 inch is the shortest white player ( and shortest player) in NFL history

Who was the first player in NFL History to throw 30 touchdown passed in a single season?

John Unitas of the 1959 Baltimore Colts with 32.

Who was the best football player In history of nfl?

The best NFL player in history is a matter of opinion. Many people could say various different players are the best in history for different reasons. Also, another factor would be the position they play.

Who is the shortest NFL Packers player in history?

Nate Abrams

Who was the highest paid NFL player in history?

Michael Vick

Who is the greatest defensive player in NFL history?

Danny Cook

Who is the baet football player in nfl history?

Jerry Rice

Was art shell the first black NFL head coach?

In the modern era, yes.Fritz Pollard was a player/coach of the 1921 Akron Pros and would be considered the first African American head coach in NFL history.

Who was the first NFL player to return an interception for a touchdown?

The NFL was founded in 1920 but the name of the first player to return an interception for a touchdown is not listed.

Which NFL player caught more touchdown passes than any other in the history of the NFL?

Jerry Rice

What was the average salary of an NFL player in 1965?

The salary of an average NFL player has exploded in recent history. In 1965, the average was 35 thousand dollars compared to the millions that today's players make.

Who was the tallest NFL player in History?

Ed Too Tall Jones

What player in NFL history sold the most jerseys?

Brett Favre

Which player has caused the most fumbles in NFL history?

Lawrence Taylor

Who was the first team to be retired in NFL history 1998?

The Houston Oilers were the first to retire from the NFL. -- Sterlo Crowe