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max mcgee

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Q: Who was the former wide receiver of the Green Bay Packers who scored the first touchdown in the first Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs?
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What year Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs play?

The Chiefs and Packers played against each other in Super Bowl I

Which running back scored his 100th touchdown against the team he was drafted by?

That was Marcus Allen who was playing with the Chiefs when he scored his 100th touchdown against the Raiders on October 3, 1993.

What was the first Super Bowl the Packers played in?

Super Bowl 1 against the Kansas City Chiefs, which the Packers won 35-10.

What wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers caught a 37 yard pass from quarterback Bart Starr to score the first touchdown in a Super Bowl?

Max McGee caught the first touchdown pass in Super Bowl I (technically the first AFL-NFL World Championship) on January 15, 1967, as the Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10. He caught 2 touchdowns in that game and a reception that set up a touchdown in Super Bowl II the following year, which marked his final season in the NFL.

Who was the first person to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl?

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Max McGee caught a 37-yard touchdown pass from Bart Starr in the first quarter of Super Bowl I. McGee also caught a 13-yard touchdown pass from Game MVP Starr in the third quarter. The Packers of the National Football League defeated the Kansas City Chiefs of the American Football League, 35-10. Interestingly, McGee admitted that he was hungover during the championship game because he was a backup receiver and hadn't expected to play much. As a result, he spent Super Bowl eve partying and drinking. He was pressed into service when starting receiver Boyd Dowler was injured in the first quarter.

Which team was against each other in the first super Bowl?

Kansas City Chiefs vs Green Bay Packers

Who scored the first rushing touchdown in Super Bowl history?

Jim Taylor of the Green Bay Packers. Taylor scored on a 14 yard run in the second quarter of Super Bowl I, a 33-14 win by the Packers over the Kansas City Chiefs.

What 2 teams played in super bowl 1?

Chiefs and Packers, packers won. :-(

What Super Bowls have the chiefs been in?

They have been in Superbowl I which they lost to the Greenbay Packers and in Superbowl IV which they won against the Minnesota Vikings

Who did the packers beat in super bowl 2?


Who won the first Super Bowl packers or chiefs?

the winner of the game was the packers 35-10

Who beat the Green Bay Packers this year?

This year the Packers were beat by The Kansas City Chiefs.

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