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Luis Olmo

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Q: Who was the first Latino ball player for the dodgers?
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Can you hit opponent ball to hit eight ball in?

No. In 8 Ball, a player is not allowed to hit an opponent's ball with the cue ball first, however the player may hit his ball first, THEN into an opponent's ball, to sink the 8 ball, so long as the player calls that combination.

What player on the Brooklyn Dodgers was a hero in the 1955 World Series by catching a long fly ball hit by Yogi Berra?

Dodger outfielder, Sandy Amoros made a spectacular catch of a long fly ball hit by Yogi Berra. Amoros is credited for saving the series for the Dodgers.

Can a defensive player player go out of bounds then when back on the field be the first to touch the ball?

yes, its only football that you cant go out of bounds and touch the ball first.

Who was the first professional black baseball player?

Moses Fleetwood Walker played on an integrated major league team, the Toledo Blue Stockings of the American Association, in 1884. Over the next few years, about a dozen blacks played minor league ball. A ban on racially integrated teams -- sometimes explicit, sometimes unofficial -- began about 1890. The first black player in the MLB after that was Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers(now the Los Angeles Dodgers).

In Soccer can you throw the ball into yourself?

Can a soccer player make a throw in and then play the ball? No. Another player, either a teammate or an opponent, must touch the ball first.

Who was the first female basket ball player?

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When you make the eight ball in your last turn first and then the white ball bounces and make your apponents last ball in do you win or lose?

If the player makes the black ball in in their last shot and white ball bounces and makes their apponent last ball they still win now if the player makes an apponets ball in first and the black goes in he losses

Tennis ball history?

The first tennis ball player was Freda Hendrik's from Massachusetts.

When was the first NBA website founded?

basket ball i like to be a basket ball player

Can a player dribble the ball and step out of bounds without the ball and come back in bounds and gain possession of the ball?

Only if another player touches the ball first or the original player establishes position in bounds by having both feet on the court.

Put out in baseball?

It is essentially an out. If it is a fly ball the player catching it receives a put out. If a ground ball and the player throws the ball to first, the player throwing receives an assist and the player catching and tagging the base before the runner receives the put out.

What offensive player is the first to touch the ball?

When the offensive team breaks the huddle and comes up to the line of scrimmage to start the play, the first offensive player to touch the ball is the center. The center snaps the ball to the quarterback and the quarterback will either hand the ball to a running back, throw the ball to a receiver, or run the ball himself.

Fouls and outs?

In baseball, fouls are when the ball is hit "out of bounds" or not within the first and third base line. An out could be when a player is struck out, or if the player hits the ball and the ball is caught.

When is the ball in play at the in taking of a kick off in soccer?

The ball is in play once a player touches the ball on the kickoff. However, the first person to touch the ball cannot touch it again until the ball is touched by another player.

What color is the ball for dodgers?

Dodger Blue

When a player on offense is carrying the ball His body does not break the plain of the endzone but he extends his arms so the ball does for a touchdown Can a player do the same for a first down?

Yes. Placement is always determined by where the ball is when the player goes down.

Who hit first ball at Wimbledon?

A tennis player

Who did Jackie Robinson first play for?

Jackie Robinson's first year in professional ball was 1946 when he played for the Montreal Royals, the Brooklyn Dodgers Triple-A minor league team. He played one year for Montreal and then played for the Dodgers between 1947-1956. He retired after the 1956 season.

Who is the first person to play volley ball?

yolandie sufia was the first player that played volleyball. she was also the person that invented volley-ball.

When inbounding a pass can someone run out of bounds and be the first player to receive the pass?

No, whether in Basketball or Football, a player may not step out of bounds and receive the ball. However, once another player touches the ball, other than the one currently holding the ball, that player may receive the ball.

What is digging in?

A "dig" is when a ball is spiked from the opposing side, and a player dives to get the ball, and is successful. Actually, a dig is when a player needs to go down on their kneepads to get a ball. The first answer is referring to a dive.

Can you Steal the ball from another player?

It is called a steal or it is also called a tackle Your foot must touch the ball first. If you touch the player first, it's a foul and a direct free kick.

What is the first rule of netball?

A player is not allowed to run with the ball.

Who is the first player to shoot the ball in NBA?

Bernard Frias

If the ball is fumbled and rolls past the first down marker is it a first down?

A fumble is down when the recovering player is down or when the ball goes out of yes, if the ball is fumbled forward and recovered by the offense, or goes out of bounds, past the first down marker, it is a first down. The exception is on fourth down. In the NFL, only the player who fumbled the ball can advance it on fourth down.