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Jackie Robinson was born January 31, 1919 and his first season with the Dodgers was 1947. He was 28 years old in his first season.

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Q: How old was Jackie Robinson when he went to play for the dodgers?
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Did Jackie Robinson play the first game of the 1947 season for the dodgers?

Yes, Jackie Robinson's first MLB game was April 15, 1947 which was the Brooklyn Dodgers' first game of the season. The Dodgers defeated the Boston Braves, 5-3, and Robinson went 0 for 3 with a run scored.

How did Jackie Robinson contribute to America society?

jackie robinson went through every thing to play baseball and get into the major lead

What position in football did Jackie play?

Early on in college Jackie Robinson was a quarterback, and saftey. Before he went into the service Jackie Robinson was a running back for a semi pro team.

Were did jackie robinson go to school?

Jackie Robinson went to school at Pasadena Junior College, and then went on to play for the UCLA Bruins. Following his college career, he went to the MLB league, and became the first African American to play professional baseball.

What did Jackie Robinson do instead of baseball?

Jackie robinson went into the Army before baseball.

What school did Jackie Robinson?

jackie robinson went to john muir high school

Have Jackie Robinson went to jail?

He didn't.

Was Jackie Robinson fat or skinny?

Actually Jackie Robinson was not really big until his diabetes went out of control

Why did Jackie Robinson go to jail?

Jackie Robinson went to jail because he spent one night in jail

Where did Jackie Robinson go for school?

He went to UCLA

What school did Jackie Robinson went?

UCLA university

Which state did Jackie Robinson go to Washington Junior High in?

Jackie Robinson went to Washington Junior High in Pasadena, California.

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