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Venezuelan shortstop Chico Carrasquel was the first Latin American player to play in an MLB All-Star game.

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Q: Who was the first Latin player to play in an Major League Baseball all-star game?
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Who was the first Latin baseball player?

The first latin major league baseball player was Louis Castro.

Who was the first latin-american born baseball player to win a a league mvp award?

Zoilo Versailles in AL Roberto Clemente in NL

Who was the first Latin or Hispanic player to play in Major league Baseball?

The first Latin American player in the modern era of MLB was Luis Castro who played with the Philadelphia Athletics in 1902. Castro was born in Medellin, Columbia. Estaban Bellan from Cuba played for the Troy Haymakers of the National Association in 1871. The National Association was the predecessor of the National League.

Which Latin American country is most represented by major league baseball players?

The Dominican Republic

Who was the first latin or hispanic manager in the major league baseball?

al lopez Cleveland Indians 1951

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What is the name of the first Latin major league baseball player who played for Troy Haymakers in 1871?

That was Cuban born Estaban Bellan who played for the Haymakers in 1871 and 1872 and the New York Mutuals in 1873.

Who was the first Latin born baseball player inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame?

roberto clemente

When was League of United Latin American Citizens created?

League of United Latin American Citizens was created in 1929.

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How many American born Latinos play major league baseball?

There are quite a few all the Rodrigues are from Latin America, Mexico mainly.

Who did League of United Latin American Citizens support?

The League of United Latin American Citizens supported Hispanics and it helped to combat racial discrimination against them. The League was created in 1929.

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