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Quarterback Roger Staubach, who won the Heisman Trophy as a junior at Navy in 1963, was named Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl VI. He led the Dallas Cowboys to a 24-3 victory over the Miami Dolphins at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans.

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Q: Who was the first Heisman Trophy winner to be named super bowl MVP?
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Who is the Heisman Trophy named after?

The Heisman Trophy is named for Coach Heisman of Georgia Tech.

What year did Bruce Franklin from the University of Tennessee win the Heisman Trophy?

There has never been anyone named Bruce Franklin win the Heisman Trophy.

Who was the Heisman Trophy named after?

John Heisman a former Brown University and University of Pennsylvania college football player and coach

What is the trophy called that the superbowl winner receives?

Vince Lombardi trophy named after the coach of the Green Bay packers when they won their first super bowl

Who play full back for Dallas Cowboys named Tommie?

Tommie Agee, a product of the University of Auburn and teammate of 1985 Heisman Trophy winner Bo Jackson, played fullback for the Dallas Cowboys from 1990 to 1994.

Four Heisman Trophy winners have also been super bowl MVPs who is it?

The Heisman Trophy winners who have been named Super Bowl MVP are:Roger Staubach, QB, Dallas Cowboys; Super Bowl VI MVP, 1963 Heisman winnerJim Plunkett, QB, Oakland Raiders; Super Bowl XV MVP, 1970 Heisman winnerMarcus Allen, RB, Los Angeles Raiders; Super Bowl XVIII MVP, 1981 Heisman winnerDesmond Howard, KR/PR, Green Bay Packers; Super Bowl XXXI MVP, 1991 Heisman winner

Name the four Heisman Trophy winners who also have been Super Bowl MVPs?

The four Heisman Trophy winners who have been named Most Valuable Players of the Super Bowl MVP are:Quarterback Roger Staubach, Dallas Cowboys (Super Bowl VI MVP) -- Won 1963 Heisman Trophy at Navy.Quarterback Jim Plunkett, Oakland Raiders (Super Bowl XV MVP) -- Won 1970 Heisman Trophy at Stanford.Running back Marcus Allen, Los Angeles Raiders (Super Bowl XVIII MVP) -- Won 1981 Heisman Trophy at Southern Cal.Return specialist Desmond Howard, Green Bay Packers (Super Bowl XXXI MVP) -- Won 1991 Heisman Trophy at Michigan.

Who was the starting center on the 1980 university of nebraska football team?

Dave Rimington, a sophomore. Rimington was named first team all Big 8 center in 1980. How good was Rimington? These are some of his awards: 1981: First team All-America, winner of the Outland Trophy, Big 8 offensive player of the year. 1982: First team All-America, winner of the Outland Trophy and Lombardi Trophy, selected by National Football Foundation as a Scholar-Athlete, finished 5th in Heisman Trophy voting. Obviously, he was also named to the All Big 8 team in 1981 and 1982. His jersey #50 was retired by the school after his senior season. He was voted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1997 and in 1999, he was named to the Walter Camp All-Century team and the Sports Illustrated All-Century team. There is an award named for him, the Rimington Trophy, given to college football's best offensive center.

Did any Heisman Trophy winners also win MVP for a Super Bowl?

As of the 2007 season, four Heisman Trophy winners have also been named Super Bowl MVP: Roger Staubach: 1963 Heisman, Super Bowl VI MVP Jim Plunkett: 1970 Heisman, Super Bowl XV MVP Marcus Allen: 1981 Heisman, Super Bowl XVIII MVP Desmond Howard: 1991 Heisman, Super Bowl XXXI MVP

What is bo jackon famous for?

Bo Jackson is a retired American baseball and football player. He was the first athlete to be named an all star in two major American sports and he won the Heisman trophy in 1985.

Who was the Heisman named for?

John William Heisman (October 23, 1869 - October 3, 1936) was a prominent American football player and college football coach in the early era of the sport and is the namesake of the Heisman Trophy awarded annually to the season's best college football player

What is the current location of OJ Simpson Heisman Trophy?

According to the AP, Simpson's Heisman Trophy was auctioned off at a court ordered auction to pay off the awards of the civil suit won by the Goldman Family against Simpson. The person that won the bid was a gentleman named Tom Kreissman, a sheet metal dealer in Philadelphia. His bid was $255,000.