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alex bilodeau, moguls...

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Q: Who was the first Canadian to win a gold medal at 2010 Olympics?
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Who has the first gold medal winner at 2010 Olympics?

Simon Ammann was the first gold medal winner of the 2010 Olympics.

Who was the first Canadian to get a 2010 Vancouver olympic medal?

It was a silver medal by Canadian born mogulist Jenn Heil

Who was the Canadian that participated in speed skating in winter olyimpic 2010?

The Canadian that participated in the 2010 Olympics was Kristina Groves. She won the Bronze medal or you can say 3rd place.

Who won the first gold medal in the winter Olympics from 2010?

Simon Ammann

What was the first year Christine Nesbitt started the Olympics?

Canadian speed skated Christine Nesbitt first competed in the Olympics at the 2006 Winter Games in Turin. She won a silver medal in team pursuit at the 2006 Games and a gold medal in the 1000 meters at the 2010 Games in Vancouver.

Canadian athletes of the 2010 Olympics?

how many canadian athletes in winter olympics?

Who won first medal for Canada at 2010 winter Olympics?

it was JenniferHeil on women's moguls

Who won the gold medal in artistic gymnastics in the Olympics 2010?

gymnastics was not in the 2010 Olympics. Gymnastics is a summer Olympics sport. 2010 was Winter Olympics.

Who got the first gold medal in the 2010 winter Olympics?

Hannah Kearney of the United States.

Who won Canada's first gold medal at the 2010 Olympics?

it was alexandre` Billideau on mens moguls

How many medals did you win in the 2010 Olympics?

India did not win even a single medal in the 2010 Olympics!

What Canadian city is hosting the Olympics in 2010?

Vancouver, British Columbia will host the Winter Olympics in 2010.

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