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there really wasn't a first Canadian hockey player.there is no way of knowing.however, hockey was invented by a Canadian and there are many in the NHL today.Sidney Crosby is arguable the best Canadian hockey player ever along with Wayne Gretzky.

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Q: Who was the first Canadian hockey player?
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Who is Maxwell Bentley?

He was a Canadian ice hockey player.

When does a Canadian hockey player want to be born?

In June

Who was the first Canadian hockey player in the NHL?

The first Canadian to play in the NHL is every player on both teams for the first NHL game - Montreal Wanderers vs. Toronto Arenas, Dec. 19th, 1917.

Who is the most famous Canadian hockey player?

Wayne Gretzky!

Who is Zach Smith?

a Canadian professional ice hockey player

Who is the best Canadian female hockey player?

Haley Wickinheiser

Who was the first Canadian hockey player to score a goal?

tony hawk update: If you can't answer a question, don't be a moron!

Who is Hayley Wickenheiser?

Hayley Wickenheiser is a Canadian Olympic hockey player. Thee Best Female hockey Player in The World

Who is Jarome Iginla really?

A Canadian Hockey Player With A Heart For People

Who was the Indian born famous Canadian hockey player?

Manmohan Singh

What are the rules for Canadian hockey?

Canadian hockey is the same as the NHL.

First ice hockey?

1855 by the Royal Canadian Rifles

What is the name of ken drydens first book?

Canadian hockey player Ken Dryden's first book was the one he published during his hockey career titled "Face Off at the Summit," which was published in 1973. His first book after retiring from hockey was "The Game," which was published in 1982.

Which Canadian ice hockey player wears shirt 77?

Phil Esposito

Why are there non-Canadian hockey players on Canadian hockey teams?

Most non-Canadian hockey players have been drafted from American teams to the Canadian teams.

What team does the hockey player Ryan Getzlaf play for?

The Canadian hockey player, Ryan Getzlaf, plays for the Anaheim Ducks. He is the center and captain of the team, which is a member of the National Hockey League.

What do Canadian do for entertainment recently?


Who was the first hockey player to play hockey?

bob Jones

How many Canadian ice hockey leagues are there?

there are 6 canadian hockey teams

When was Canadian Hockey League created?

Canadian Hockey League was created in 1975.

When was the Canadian professional ice hockey player Jason Anthony Rocco Spezza born?

The Canadian professional ice hockey player Jason Anthony Rocco Spezza was born in June 13th, 1983. He currently plays in the National Hockey League for the Ottawa Senators.

What country has the most hockey players?

Canada. 52% of all player in the nhl are Canadian

What are the names of Canadian hockey team?

there are a few different canadian ice hockey teams

When was Canadian hockey player Chris Osgood born?

The Canadian hockey player Chris Osgood was born in the year 1972. Chris Osgood originally played for the Detroit Red Wings, but later played for the New York Islanders.

What is the name of the Italian professional hockey player for the Montreal Canadian?

The Montreal Canadiens have never had an Italian player in their history.