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Peter shilton

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Q: Who was the first British soccer goalkeeper to wear gloves?
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When did the first ever football goalkeeper start wearing goalie gloves?

because for more grip

Who was the first goalkeeper to captain the England Football team?

Englands first 'goalkeeper' soccer captain, was alexander morten who captained england against scotland in 1873

Who was the first black woman soccer player?

The first black woman soccer player was named Briana Scurry. She was the goalkeeper. As of 2014, she is now retired.

Who is the most best goalkeeper in soccer?

Here for the place of the best goalkeeper in the world is strongly challenged by both Gianlughi Buffon and Petr Cech. The first is also the worlds costliest goalkeeper ever.

Who was first England goalkeeper?

The first goalkeeper was Andrew Vartell in 200AD

Was Nigel Martin first British goalkeeper to transfered for 1 million pounds?

Nigel Martin Nigel Martin

Who was the first female soccer player in history?

There really is no first female individual who played professional soccer. However, the very first female league for soccer was the British Ladies Football Club.

When did hope Solo join the US soccer team?

Female American soccer goalkeeper Hope Solo made her first full international cap on April 5, 2000, in an 8 - 0 victory over Iceland.

Who is the first goalkeeper to score a goal?

Tony Roberts of Dagenham & Redbridge (England) and Wales national team was the first goalkeeper to score an FA CUP GOAL.. the first goalkeeper to score any goal is unknown.

Who invented the first gloves in 1898?

who invented the first gloves in 1898?

Who is the current goalkeeper for the Dublin football team?

Stephen Cluxton is the Dublin first choice goalkeeper for 2013.

Who is Edwin Van Der Sar?

He is the Dutch international goalkeeper and Manchester United first choice goalkeeper.

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