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wasn't it Andy Gray?

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Q: Who was the first British football player to cost 100000 pounds?
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Who is first 100000 pound football player in English football?

Dennis Law (Scotland) was the first player to be transferred for 100,000 pounds in English Football, when he transferred from Manchester City to Torino in June 1961.Previously Jimmy Greaves signed for 99,999 pounds from AC Milan to Tottenham Hotspur because he didn't want to be the first 100,000 pound player.

How many kilograms in 100000 pounds?

100000 pounds = 45359 kilograms

How many tons are there in 100000 pounds?

There are 2000 pounds in one ton. Therefore, 100000 pounds is equal to 100000 / 2000 = 50 tons.100,000 pounds = 45.36 tonnes

How many pounds does a football player weigh if he weighs 104 kg?

The player weighs 229.3 pounds.

A football player weighs 108 kilograms approximately how many pounds do he weigh?

If the football player's mass is 108 kilograms, then he weighs approximately 238 pounds on earth, 38.9 pounds on the moon, and 90 pounds on Mars.

How much in pounds sterling is 10 per cent of 100000?

The answer will depend on the currency units used for 100000. If it was 100000 pounds sterling then the answer is GBP 10000.

Is 365 Pounds overweight for a high school football player?

Probably about 125 pounds overweight.

A football player weighs 103 kilograms approximately how many pounds does he weigh?

227 pounds.

Average football player weight?

The average weight of a football player is about 300 pounds. This weight can vary greatly based on the person.

How many Australian dollars are 100000 British pounds worth?

100,000.00 GBP=223,204.63 AUD

How much do you have to weigh to become a football player?

You have to be at least 160 pounds.

What is 100000 centigrams?

2.2 pounds.

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