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The first African American head coach to win a Super Bowl was Tony Dungy of the Indianapolis Colts who won Super Bowl XLI in 2007.

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Q: Who was the first African American head coach to win a Super Bowl?
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Who is the youngest African American Coach to Win a Super Bowl?

Tony Dungy won Super Bowl XII, in 1979 with the Steelers at the age of 24 as a player. Later he went on to coach with Steelers' Head Coach, Chuch Noll as a Defensive Backs coordinator, one year after the Steelers won Super Bowl XIV, but did not win a Super Bowl as a coach until he, as Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts, led them to a victory in Super Bowl XLI, in 2007 (at the age of 52). This victory, at the time, did make Dungy the youngest and first African-American to win a Super Bowl, but this statistic would not stand for long. Dungy will always be the first African-American coach to win a Super Bowl.In 2009, Mike Tomlin, led the Pittsburgh Steelers to a Superbowl XLIII victory at the age of 36 - making him not only the youngest African-American Head Coach to win a Super Bowl, but also the youngest Head Coach (of any ethnicity) to win in Super-bowl history thus far. In only his second year of Head-Coaching, his team beat the Arizona Cardinals 27-23, thus replacing Dungy as the youngest African-American coach to have that honor.

In what Super Bowl were there two African American head coaches?

On February 4, 2007, Super Bowl XLI (41) was the first where both head coaches were black. Tony Dungy was the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, and Lovie Smith was the head coach of the Chicago Bears. The Colts won the game 29-17 to make Tony Dungy the first black head coach to win an NFL Super Bowl.

Who was the first African American coach to win the world series?

Cito gaston 1992 Toronto blue jays

Was art shell the first black NFL head coach?

In the modern era, yes.Fritz Pollard was a player/coach of the 1921 Akron Pros and would be considered the first African American head coach in NFL history.

Who is th first African American coach to lead team to the super bowl?

Technically, it was Lovie Smith of the 2006 Chicago Bears. On January 21, 2007, the Bears defeated the New Orleans Saints for the National Football Conference championship, 39-14. Several hours later, Tony Dungy duplicated Smith's feat when the Indianapolis Colts defeated the New England Patriots, 38-34, for the American Football Conference championship. Two weeks later, Dungy became the first African-American head coach to win an NFL championship when the Colts defeated the Bears in Super Bowl XLI in Miami, 29-17.

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