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Dennis green

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2012-02-24 19:55:11
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Q: Who was the first African American head baseball and basketball coach at Woodrow Wilson?
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Who was the first african-american head baseball and basketball coach at Woodrow Wilson High School in Beckley WV?


Who was the first African-American head baseball coach at Woodrow Wilson high school in beckleywv?

a weird person

Why did African Americans feel betrayed by president Woodrow Wilson?

Wilson's angry meeting with an African-American delegation led by a Boston newspaper editor brought African Americans' feeling of betrayal to a head.

Who did Woodrow Wilson give the speech of the 14 points to?

Woodrow Wilson gave his speech to the American Congress.

Who was the american president during ww1?

Woodrow Wilson

Did the African American support of Woodrow Wilson in the 1912 presidential election decisive?

Wilson got very little African-American support either in 1912 or 1916. Until the Depression of the 1930s, African Americans (where allowed to vote at all) voted overwhelmingly Republican, for the party of Lincoln and emancipation. Wilson was a Democrat - not to mention being a Southerner by birth.

What nation was Woodrow Wilson?

He is american,born in staunton in Virginia. .

Who signed the sussex pledge?

American President woodrow wilson

What stance on the war did Woodrow Wilson take in the election of 1916?

Woodrow Wilson took the American troops to Mexico to capture carranza

Was Woodrow Wilson a champion of racial justice for African Americans?

no he supported segragation in the southern states

Woodrow Wilson Showed the Limits Of His Progressivism by?

by accelerating the segregation of African Americans in the federal bureaucracy

Who was the last of the eight American presidents to be born in Virginia?

Woodrow Wilson

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