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I think it was Ralph Sampson...

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Q: Who was the first 7 footer to play for the Houston Rockets?
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What do Houston rockets play?

the Houston rockets play basketball

Did Charles barkley play in Houston rockets?

Did charles barkley play for houston rockets

What pro teams play in Houston?

the rockets the rockets the rockets

Where were the rockets from in the NBA before Houston?

The Rockets franchise began play in 1967 as the San Diego Rockets. They moved to Houston in 1971.

Who is the first Asian to play basketball?

Yao Ming. He is currently playing for the Houston Rockets.

Where do the Houston rockets play?

The Houston Rockets play at Toyota Center in Houston, TX. The stadium's basketball seating capacity is 18,023 total people. The stadium also has a retractable roof.

Do the Miami Heat travel farther when they play the Houston Rockets or the Dallas Mavericks?

houston rockets cuase dallas is closer to miami

In what city do the Rockets play?

In Houston,Texas

Where do Houston rockets play?

The Toyota Center

What team does Derek Fisher play on?

Houston rockets

Did Charles Barkley play for Houston Rockets?


What does Patrick Beverley play?

Patrick Beverley plays point guard for the Houston Rockets.

What team does Patrick Beverley play for?

Patrick Beverley plays for the Houston Rockets.

What does James Harden play?

James Harden plays shooting guard for the Houston Rockets.

What team does James Harden play for?

James Harden plays for the Houston Rockets.

What stadium does the rockets play?

At the Toyota Center in Houston Texas. At the Toyota Center in Houston Texas.

What nba team does Tracy mcgrady play for?

The Houston Rockets

What NBA Team does Dikembe Mutombo play for?

Houston Rockets

What hotel do the Houston Rockets stay in when playing in Utah?

The Houston Rockets play in different hotels when they stay at different cities. One game they will go to one hotel, the next they will go to another.

Who was the first 7 footer to play for Gonzaga?


What position does Yao Ming play?

Yao Ming is the center of the Houston Rockets

What team does Hakeem Olajuwon play for?

He is a retired player. He played for the Houston Rockets.

The basketball pro team the rockets play were?

Houston, Texas (USA) -- Toyota Center

What position does trevor aviza play?

SF (small forward) for the Houston Rockets of the NBA.

What NBA team does Alessandro Gentile play for?

Alessandro Gentile plays for the Houston Rockets.