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mark hughes

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Q: Who was the first 2million football player?
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Who was the first 2million pound player?

Paul Gascoigne Newcastle to Tottenham

How much does a female soccer player get paid?


Who was the first football player to play for Europe?

holland they had gantrie van selliepersie who was the first football player to play in Europe

Who was the first black football player to play football in the Michigan?

your racist.

Who was the first woman football player?


What famous football player starts with a t name?

mal mininger was the first greates football player

Who was the first football player on Wheaties box?

In 1986, Walter Payton became the first football player to be shown on the front of a box of Wheaties.

Who was Liverpool football clubs first million pound football player?


Who is the most expensive football player from swansea ever?

The most expensive purchase is Roberto Martinez, manager, who was purchased for £2million. Most expensive sale was a joint fee for Nathan Dyer and Ashley Williams of £400,000.

Johny Haynes was the first 100 football player but who was the first 20 player?

Nat lofthouse

Can a defencive player step out of bound and be the first to touch the football?

can a defensive player step out of bounds and go back in bounds and be the first to touch the football

How much does a talkshow host make?

About 2million per month About 2million per month

How makes more money a singer or football player?

an average football player gets £30, 000 a week. an average singer/artist gets about £1/2Million every album, and that gets released about once in two years, so overall a footballer earns way more money than a singer/artist.

Who was the first black football player?

Fritz Pollard

First ever football player?

Michael Beed.

What the first name for carol the football player?


Who was the first Chelsea football player?

ted drake

Who was the football player who first challenged the reserve clause in pro football?

Pete Gogolak

Who was the first black football player to play football for Indiana University?

mahatma gandhi

Who was first black football player in Canadian Football Hall of fame?

Warren moon

Who was the first black football player at Brown University?

The first African American football player at Brown was Edward Stewart who was a backup on the 1894 varsity squad.

When is a football player considered a rookie?

A rookie is a player that is in their first season of play.

Who was first female nfl player?

There has yet to be a female NFL football player.

How do you write 7trillion 2million 31 thousand?

how do you write 7 trillion 2million 31 thousand.

Who was the first professional football player?

First Pro November 12, 1892