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Q: Who was the fast bowler before Dennis Lilley?
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How did Dennis Keith Lillee become a Australian cricket bowler?

Because he was an amazing bowler. Now he is a fast bowling coach for cricket Australia.

Which iconic fast bowler laid the foundation of MRF Pace Foundation in Bangalore?

Dennis Lillee

Cricketer Rodney hogg?

An Australian fast bowler, about the same time as Geoff Lawson I would say, after Lilley & Thompson, late 1970s early 80s I thinx.

What is another word for a fast bowler?

PACE bowler is the category fast bowlers r part of. quickie, quick bowler, fast, express pace bowler etc

Who is the best fast bowler?

Bond is the best and fast bowler in the world.

How fast is a average cricket ball?

It really depends on the bowler. if the bowler is slow, medium or fast. if the bowler was slow it is about 89kmh, medium about 120kmh, fast about 145kmh

Is sachin a bowler or batsman in his starting days?

Fast bowler

What field sport are Dennis Lilee and rod marsh famous for?

These two people are/ were famous Australian Cricketers, who have now retired. Dennis Lilee was a fast bowler, while Rod Marsh was a wicketkeeper.

What is the fast bowler of the world?

Shohaib Akter is the world fastest bowler.

Is dilshan a fast bowler?

no he is not a pace bowler at all infact he is a Offspinner

How fast does a bowler bowl?


Who is the worlds fast bowler ever?

Shohib Akter is the world fastest Bowler in the world