How fast does a bowler bowl?

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Q: How fast does a bowler bowl?
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Related questions

Who is the fastest fast bowler?

Hussaan Ramay is fastest bowler. He bowled 167 Km/h bowl in 2010

How many types of bowlers are there in cricket?

There are 3 types of bowler in cricket bowler 2.spin bowler 3.medium pace bowl

How fast can a cricket ball go?

maximum a fast bowler can bowl with a speed about 140-160 kms/hour

Which ball goes fastest?

a fast bowler can bowl with more than a speed of 160kms/hour

Can a bowler bowl behind the stamps?

No he wouldn't, The bowl count No Ball If bowler bowl behind the stamps.

Who is the best fast bowler?

Bond is the best and fast bowler in the world.

What is another word for a fast bowler?

PACE bowler is the category fast bowlers r part of. quickie, quick bowler, fast, express pace bowler etc

Which West Indian fast bowler was nicknamed Duracell for his ability to bowl very long spells?

Courtney Walsh

How do you bowl fast in cricket?

its all about the follow thru, but also about how you approach the bowling crease. A fast and balanced run-up will help you build rhythm, which is critical to your ability to bowl fast. Also make sure you do heaps of strength training - A bowler must be strong to have the ability to bowl fast.

Best fast bowler in the world?

Wasim Akram was best fast bowler in the world.

How fast is a average cricket ball?

It really depends on the bowler. if the bowler is slow, medium or fast. if the bowler was slow it is about 89kmh, medium about 120kmh, fast about 145kmh

What is difference between fast bowling and fast medium?

Fast bowlers occasionally bowl deliveries over 150km/hr. Fast medium is everyone else. That is the best way to tell if someone is a fast bowler or not.

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