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Walter Camp

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Q: Who was the farther of football?
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What goes farther a soccer ball or a football?

A football!

Will a plastic football go farther than a pro football?


Why will a Nerf football go farther than a pro football?

It is lighter.

When kicked by an NFL kicker which will go farther a Nerf football or NFL football?

an NFL football

A football player kicks a football and a balloon what will happen?

The football travels a lot farther than the balloon does.

How can you throw a football farther?

Arm Strength

Why can you throw a baseball farther than a football?

Because a baseball is much lighter than a football !

What goes farther a football being thrown or a soccer ball being kicked?

Football being thrown

What does spin do to a football do?

the spin of a football makes the football more aerodynamic, meaning that it can go farther than with out the spin by "cutting" through the air

Will a balloon go farther than a football?

Depends on the wind.

How did David Beckham start playing football?

his farther tought him

Which football goes farther a glow-in-the-dark or a leather?

Leather -__-

When punting which will ball go farther a NFL football or a college football?

It really doesn't matter which football is used, it only matters how hard you kick it.

Should you skip basketball to focus on football if you think that you can go farther in that sport?

Narrowing your focus to football only if you think you can go farther with it might be a good idea. I would also talk it out with both coaches, and make sure that you are ready for the over-the-top physical demands of football.

Why does throwing a football in a spiral make the football go farther then making it wobble or go end over end?

there is less friction

What is shotgun in football?

when the QB is not in the normal snap position and is back farther in the backfield.

Does a football go farther when kicked on spaces or laces?

spaces go farher

Who can throw farther men or women in football?

Men, because of their advantage in strength.

Will a spiraling motion football go farther or a wobbling motion football go farther?

A spiraling football will go further than a wobbling. The spiral movement will go further due to air. The spiral uses the air to move smoothly through as a wobbling football is all over the place so its actually using the air to slow down instead of moving smoothly.

Which go farther a Nerf football or pro football by the same quarter back?

A Nerf ball would go further but, less accurate.

Why are yards important in football?

so the players no were they are and how much farther they have to go to get a touch down

Can a helium football throw farther?

Fotballs very seldomly throw anything, so, the answer is no.

What muscle should i work too make me throw a football farther?

biceps, pecs

What will go farther a football with air or one without air?

436 meters to be exact

What makes a football go farther than other balls?

its unusual shape jdiesel121... the reason that it has an unusual shape is that the Football was invented around 1876 by a man by the name of Walter Camp and he figured out that with the shape of the football it is more aerodynamic than any other ball that was created at the time so that is what makes it go farther than other balls.