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Gussie Nell Davis.

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Q: Who was the creator of the first drill team ever?
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Are the pacesetters the best drill team ever?

Well of course, the Pacesetters are the best drill team ever! That's just my opinion though. Everyone is going to think the their drill team is the best...who wouldn't? I love the Pacesetter!

What year was the very first drill team created?


First team ever to win the Champions League back to back?

No team ever has

What is a good team name for ROTC drill team?

Well my drill team is called the blue lighting drill team because our mascot is a lighting bolt. Try to come up with something that will sound hot when u report in

What are the release dates for Drill Team - 2010?

Drill Team - 2010 was released on: USA: 5 June 2010

What type of dance is best to take for drill team?

Gymnastics, ballet, jazz, and hip hop are best for drill team.

What are the release dates for Drill Team - 2010 Sanfillippo?

Drill Team - 2010 Sanfillippo was released on: USA: 26 June 2010

What are some good names for a lady warriors dance and drill team?

The Warrior's Drill

What was the first basketball team ever to play at the Olympics?

the first basketball team was the USA to win but who played

Who were the first team ever invented?

wright brothers

What actors and actresses appeared in Drill Team - 2010?

The cast of Drill Team - 2010 includes: Lauren Makk as herself Brandon Russell as himself

What does a high school drill team do?

A high school drill team is like advanced They are basically dancers. For pep rallies, football and basketball games.