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Q: Who was the coach of the NBA basketball team the Atlanta Hawks?
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Who is the coach of the NBA basketball team the Atlanta Hawks?

Lloyd Pierce

What basketball team is from Georgia?

Atlanta Hawks

What is the name of the profesional basketball team of atlanta?

The Atlanta Hawks

What sport do the Atlanta Hawks play?

The Atlanta Hawks are a professional basketball team, who play for the National Basketball Association (NBA).The Atlanta Hawks play Basketball. They are one of the teams within the National Basketball Association (NBA) and are based from Atlanta, Georgia.

What is the worlds best basketball team?

Miami heat, chicago bulls, atlanta hawks

How many basketball teams are in the state of Georgia?

It has one. the team is call atlanta hawks.

Why are the atlanta hawks called the hawks?

The Hawks is the nickname for the football team, the Atlanta Hawks. Hawks are birds and can fly very fast.

What is atlanta NBA team called?

The Atlanta Hawks.

What is the two professional sports that play in Atlanta?

There are actually four professional sports teams that play in Atlanta, Georgia. The Atlanta Braves are a professional baseball team The Atlanta Falcons are a professional football team The Atlanta Thrashers are a professional hockey team The Atlanta Hawks are a professional basketball team

When was Erie BayHawks created?

The Erie BayHawks are an American professional basketball team founded in 2017 and is an affiliate of the Atlanta Hawks.

What are the major sport teams for the state of Georgia?

Baseball is the Atlanta Braves, football is the Atlanta Falcons, basketball is the Atlanta Hawks, and hockey is the Atlanta Thrashers. I think there is a WNBA team but I'm not sure.

What is the youngest team in the nba?

Atlanta hawks

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