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Q: Who was the coach of pitt football in 1999 season?
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What super bowl coach played football at pitt?


Which college football team has more all-time wins West Virginia U or pitt?

Through the 2010 season, West Virginia ... WVU has 691 wins and Pitt has 671.

Is Brad Pitt a football player?


When did Michael Pitt-Rivers die?

Michael Pitt-Rivers died in 1999.

Who was the 1976 college football champion?


Who leads the series between Pitt Georgia in football?

As of the 2008 season, Pittsburgh and Georgia have played four times in football with Pittsburgh leading the all time series 3-0-1.

Was Brad Pitt a national football league player?


How many college national football champions does Pitt have?


What season of friends where Brad Pitt in?

he was in season 8 and the episode was called the one with the rumour

What is Pitt's all time record vs Notre Dame in football?

As of the 2008 season, Notre Dame leads the all time series 44-18-1.

Who are the Pitt Panthers famous for?

The Pittsburgh Panthers are an American intercollegiate Football team, based at the University of Pittsburgh. It played its first season in 1890 and is based at Heinz Fields.

1961 college football season what was the schedule and results for the university of Pittsburgh?

Pitt went 3-7 in the 1961 season: 1) September 16: Pitt 10, Miami 7 2) September 30: Baylor 16, Pitt 13 3) October 7: Washington 22, Pitt 17 4) October 14: West Virginia 20, Pitt 6 5) October 21: UCLA 20, Pitt 6 6) October 28: Pitt 28, Navy 14 7) November 4: Syracuse 28, Pitt 9 8) November 11: Notre Dame 26, Pitt 20 9) November 18: Pitt 10, Southern Cal 9 10) November 25: Penn State 47, Pitt 26

What movie did Brad Pitt star in in 1999?

Fight Club.

What was the other name for the Pittsburgh Steelers during World War 2?

In 1943 they merged with the Philadelphia Eagles and were called the Phil-Pitt Steagles. In 1944, they again merged, this time with the Chicago Cardinals, becoming the Card-Pitt. As the Card-Pitt, they became the only team in football history to end a season with 0 wins.

How old is Erin Pitt?

Canadian actress Erin Pitt is 17 years old (born September 22, 1999).

Who won the football game pitt vs penn state in 2000?

Pitt by the score of 12-0 ... the game was played in Pittsburgh.

What are the release dates for Dean's List - 2002 Post-Season Play at Pitt?

Dean's List - 2002 Post-Season Play at Pitt was released on: USA: 20 March 2006

What conference will Pitt football be playing in next year?

Pitt football will be playing in the Atlantic Coast Conference instead of the Big East Conference as they have previously played in. Generally it is thought that this is a wise transition and for the best.

Was Brad Pitt ever a football player?

yes he played for the pittsburg steelers

What is history of Pitt vs Navy football games?

Pitt and Navy have met 38 times with Pitt leading the series 22-13-3. The teams first met in 1912 and last met in 2009. Pitt's longest winning streak is 6 games (1914-1916, 1933-1934, 1954) and Navy's is 4 games (1965-1968). The teams played every season from 1961-1979.

Who made their debut on Ellen's birthday show in season 8?

brad pitt

What is the 1999 Film starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt?

Fight Club

What football position did James Trafficant play at Pitt?

Traficant was a high school quarterback and was awarded a football scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh.

What is the Pittsburgh Panthers football record versus the SEC?

Through the 2008 season, Pitt's all time record against the SEC is 8-1-2. All of the games Pitt played against SEC teams (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee) occurred between 1973-1985.

Which actor formed a Fight Club with Edward Norton in the 1999 film?

Brad Pitt