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len dawson

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Len Dawson

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Q: Who was the chiefs quarterback when they won the Super Bowl?
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Who was the quarterback when the chiefs won their last super bowl?

Len dawson

Did Joe Montana win heisman?

No the only Super Bowl won by the Chiefs was the 4th quarterback Len Dawson

Who was the first quarterback to win and lose a Super Bowl?

Len Dawson of the Kansas City Chiefs lost Super Bowl I - 35-10 and won Super Bowl IV - 23-7

Who was the first person to win Super Bowls as both a player and a coach?

Tom Flores won a Super Bowl as backup quarterback for the Chiefs in Super Bowl IV and as head coach of the Raiders in Super Bowl XV.

Who was the quarterback when the Kansas City Chiefs won the super bowl?

The Chiefs QB in Super Bowl I was Hall of Famer Len Dawson.

What quarterback has won a Super Bowl in the AFL and NFL?

As far as a quarterback who played for a Super Bowl winning team in both the AFL and NFL, there were none. However, Tom Flores was a backup QB on the 1969 Kansas City Chiefs team that won Super Bowl IV and head coach of the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders that won Super Bowls XV and XVIII.

Who was the quarterback that won the first Super Bowl?

BART STARR HE ALSO won super bowl #2

Giants won Super Bowl 4.yes or no?

no!!! kansas city chiefs won super bowl 4

How long did each quarterback who won a super bowl play in the nfl before he won a super bowl?


Who won super bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and MN vikings?


Who was the Super Bowl quarterback for Cowboys in Super Bowl XII?

The Cowboys quarterback was Roger Staubach.

What quarterback has won 3 consecutive Super Bowls?

As of Super Bowl XLII, no quarterback nor team has won three consecutive Super Bowls.