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Q: Who was the boxer in the last fight in snatch?
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Who is the boxer Brad Pitt fights in snatch?

Scott Welch

What fighting movie was Brad Pitt in?

Fight club and Snatch

When did leon spinks retire?

leon had his last fight in 1995

Who would win in a fight between a boxer and a kick boxer?

Kick boxer A Kickboxer would knock a boxer out any day!

If a boxer faints in the middle of a fight what happens?

they will stop the fight

What is Mickeys' last name in the movie Snatch?


What is the name of the song in Snatch in Brad Pitt's first fight?

golden brown

How much a pro boxer get each fight?

Depends on the fight, championship.

When was Frank Bruno's last fight?

2nd September 1995

Who prepares a boxer for a fight?

Their trainers and coach.

Can 50cent fight?

yeah he was a boxer before becoming a rapper

Who is hector carraquilla?

youngest boxer to fight for world title