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Brennan McKay

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Q: Who was the best safety and wide receiver of the north middle school gators football team?
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What are the name of positions in football?

Offense Quarterback halfback fullback wide receiver tight end tackle guard center Defense middle linebacker outside linebacker defensive end defensive tackle cornerback strong safety free safety

What football position do you play at 130lbs?

Receiver, Corner, or Safety. QB if you can throw. IF you're a highschool player, that is.

Who are the players on the Tennessee vols football team who got arrested?

safety Janzen Jackson, receiver Nu'Keese Richardson, and defensive back Mike Edwards

What football position should i play at 5'3 105 in middle school?

Wide reciever, safety or cornerback

What is the job for the MLB position in football?

Middle Linebackers are usually positioned behind defensive tackles and/or in-between the defensive linemen and the defensive backs (Cornerback, Strong Safety, Weak Safety.}Middle Linebacker

What are the postions in football?

Quarterback, Running Back, Full Back, Tight End, Center, Offensive Tackle, Offensive Guard, Wide Receiver, Linebacker (Outside and Middle), Corner Back, Safety (Strong and Free), Defensive Tackle, Defensive End, and Nose Tackle

What are the positions of a football defensive team?

Defencive end Defencive tackle Corner back Linebacker (Middle,Left ourside,Right outside) Safety (Free safety, Strong safety)

What Football Position should a 11 year old 50' 85 pounds play?

wide receiver if ur safety if not maybe cornerback

What position should in play in football I'm 6'1 and 152lbs?

Cornerback, but gain weight and make the move to safety. If you have good enough hands then wide receiver.

What position should you play in football you are 5 foot 10 180 pounds and im fast?

Receiver or safety. Perhaps linebacker depending on how big the other teams are.

Who is the Florida gators new coach?

The new coach for the Florida Gators football team is William Larry Muschamp. Muschamp played the safety position for the Georgia Bulldogs. Professionally, on the collegiate level, Muschamp worked for the Auburn Tigers, LSU Tigers and most recently for the Texas Longhorns as defensive coordinator. Muschamp also served in the National Football League as assistant head coach and defensive coordination for the Miami Dolphins.

Can you play two positions in college?

yes, yes you can because college football is something like middle school football i play two positions runningback and safety