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Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier lead the NHL with most points and goals in their carrers.

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Q: Who was the best hockey player who ever played in the NHL?
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Who is the best hockey player that ever played?

No question Wayne Gretzky

What if Wayne Gretzky never played hockey?

Mario Lemieux would have his rightful place as the best hockey player ever.

Who was the most famous field hockey player ever?

Dhyan Chand is by far the best field hockey player th@ ever was or will be.

Who is the best hockey player in France?

The best ice hockey player France has ever produced is undoubtedly goaltender Cristobal Huet.

Who is the best hockey player ever?

wayne gretzky

Best hockey player ever?

Morgan Rielly

Who is Dylan H?

Best roller hockey player ever!

What is the greatest hockey player ever?

well the greatest hockey player that ever lived, played ford tenby tigers between 1962-1973 his name was jackus dunfordus ...

What are facts about Maurice Richard?

He was the best hockey player that ever lived. He played on the Canadians team. He played for 36 years. He punched a ref and got taken out for the rest of the season

The best Canadian hockey players ever?

These also happen to be the best hockey players ever. I would say that in order, Bobby Orr, Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Gordie Howe, and Maurice Richard. There's not too many other players that will be considered by anyone as the best player ever (or best candian player).

Who plays field hockey?

I've played field hockey for almost six years. I LOVEit.I'm a defence player/ goalie.It truly is the best sport ever played on the earth.

Who is the most cutest hockey player ever?

the cutest hockey player ever will always be Sidney Crosby !!!

What is the value of a 2000 hockey all star game poster autographed by Maurice Richard?

only the best hockey player ever will be

Have you ever played hockey. What tense is this?

This is a present perfect question.I have played hockey. Have you ever played hockey?

What was Wayne Gretzky's greatest accomplishments?

Probably being the best Hockey player ever!

Who was the best hockey player ever?

Russell Waltuch is the best hockey player he led the New York Islanders to four strait NHL Stanley Cup victories he was the captain he wore number19.

Who was the first Canadian hockey player?

there really wasn't a first Canadian hockey player.there is no way of knowing.however, hockey was invented by a Canadian and there are many in the NHL today.Sidney Crosby is arguable the best Canadian hockey player ever along with Wayne Gretzky.

What is the best hockey team ever?

Statistically, the toronto maple leafs is the best hockey team ever

How would you describe wyane grezky?

The best hockey player ever to step onto the ice.

How much is Wayne Gretzky?

He was the greatest hockey player that ever lived. He played for the New York Rangers.

Has any hockey player ever played an entire game without leaving the ice excluding goalies?


Who is Denise Wisdom?

Denise wisdom is the best hockey player in the world.Ms. Wisdom might be a very nice person in some capacity somewhere in the world, but there is no one by that name who plays hockey that I have ever heard of, certainly not the best player in the world!!

Who is the best goalie ever in hockey?

the best goalie in hockey is Roberto luongo

Who is the best hockey goalie ever?

the best goalie in hockey is Roberto luongo

Is there any player that has ever played the full 60 minutes of a hockey game?

Joe Malone, Montréal Canadiens.