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Martina Hingis.

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Q: Who was the Wimbledons womens champion in 1997?
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What was Wimbledons women champion 2007?

the champion of the womens Wimbledon 2007 was Amelie Mauresmo

Who was the Wimbledon womens singles champion in 1997?

Martina Hingis

Who won wimbledons womens tennis 7 times?

Serena Williams

How may times has chyna been womens champion?

chyna was womens champion once and intercontinetal champion twice

How many times has Melina been womens champion?

Melina is a 6 time WWE womens champion

Did mickie James hold both of the womens and divas champion?

YESS she Did she was the Second Women to Hold both the Womens Champion [Four-Time] & thee Divas Champion the first one to Hold Both of the Divas & Womens Champion is Michelle McCool

Who is womens champion 2012 WWE?


Who is the current womens discus champion?

The current champion is the Russian Natalya Sadova.

Who won womens title in 1984?

Martina Navratilova was the womens single champion in 1984

Who is the WWE womens champion now?

The title is retired.

Who was the last womens champion in wwe?

Michelle Mccool

Who won the womens wiimbledon title in 1999?

Lindsay Davenport was the womens champion in the year 1999

Wimbledon champions of 2009?

The Mens champion was Roger Federer and Womens champion was Serena Williams

Who won the wimbledons womens single final in 1995?

Steffi Graff beat Arantxa Sanchez Vicario 4-6, 6-1, 7-5 to win.

What made Gloria steinem famous?

She was the Champion of Womens' Rights.

Who was the first ever WWE womens champion?

The Fabulous Moolah

Who was the womens US figure skating champion in 1964?

Peggy Flemming

Was Beth phoenix ever the womens champion?

Yes In 2006 and 2008

Tell me the winner of Wimbledon 2008 tennis tournament?

Mens champion was Rafael Nadal and the Womens champion was Venus Williams

Who is the champion of uaap womens volleyball season 73?

dlsu lady spikers

Who has won the most Wimbledons?

Roger Fredrer

How many times did mickie James win the womans champion?

She is a Four-Time Womens ChampionCurrently it is 5 times womens champion all her regins including divas championship is 6 right behing trish stratus.

Does John Morrison have a girlfriend?

Yes his gf is The former Womens champion, Michelle McCool

1984 womens olympic 100 meters champion?

Evelyn Ashford of the United States.

When was Champion Versions created?

Champion Versions was created on 1997-07-25.