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Q: Who was the USSR Olympic Weightlifting champion in the 1950's?
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How did the events of the 1950s and 1960s effect US-USSR relations?


Did the USSR ever compete in the Olympic games?


Garry kasparov was a world champion in which sport?

Garry Kasparov was a world champion in chess. He was a grandmaster representing the USSR and Russia.

Who was the 1972 olympic decathlon champ?

Nikolai Avilov of the USSR.

What issue was a rare point of agreement for the us and the ussr in the 1950s?

The problems with the Suez Canal.

How many gold medals did the Russians win in the 1984 Olympic games?

The USSR boycotted the 1984 Olympic games.

Which country got most of the medals in Olympic games in 1980?


Who was on the US Men's 1980 Gymnastic Olympic Team?

Raj Bhavsar

The atomic bomb was invented by who in the 1950s?

The atomic bomb was invented in 1933 (by Leo Szilard) and finally built in 1945 (by the US Manhattan Project, which involved hundreds of thousands of people). It was duplicated in 1949 (by the USSR, assisted by information from spies in the US project). It was already in "mass production" by both the US and USSR by the early 1950s , thus not invented by anyone in the 1950s.

Why did the US continue to develop more atomic weapons in the 1950s?

The USSR had developed a atomic bomb as well, so the US feared that they would be outnumbered in a nuclear war with the USSR

What issue was a rare point of agreement for the us and ussr in the 1950s?

British colonialism The problems with the Suez Canal (APEX)

Where was 1980 summer Olympic games held?

The 1980 Olympic Games (XXII Olympiad) were held in the city of Moscow, in the Soviet Union (USSR).