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Q: Who was the Tennessee Titans Offensive Coordinator in the 1999 Season?
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Who is the Tennessee Titans assistant coach?

There are two - offensive coordinator Chris Palmer, and defensive coordinator Jerry Gray.

When did titans come to Tennessee?

They moved from Houston to Tennessee before the 1997 season and in 1997 they were the Tennessee Oilers. At the start of the 1999 season they officially became the Tennessee Titans.

When was the Tennessee Titans first season?


What is the Tennessee Titans record for the 2011-2012 season?

The Tennessee Titans went 9-7

What is up with the Tennessee Titans?

The Tennessee Titans are having a bad start to their season. Their defense is easily confused and their offense is not the best.

Where did the Titans first play in Tennessee?

For the Titans' first season in Tennessee (1997 as the Tennessee Oilers), they played their home games at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis.

When was it that The Tennessee Titans went to Super Bowl?

The 1999 season.

Best record for the 2000 season in the NFL?

the Tennessee titans had a record of 13-3 the best that season

In what year did the Tennessee Titans have the most wins?

The 2008 Tennessee Titans tied their record for the most number of wins. Their record was 13-3 at the end of the season. The Titans eventually fell to the Baltimore Ravens in the playoffs.

What position does Jeff Adams play?

Jeff Adams plays Offensive Tackle for the Tennessee Titans.

What position does Michael Roos play?

Michael Roos plays Offensive Tackle for the Tennessee Titans.

What position does Byron Stingily play?

Byron Stingily plays Offensive Tackle for the Tennessee Titans.