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1982 and 1990 Super Bowl MVP Award winner

The winner of the 1982 and 1990 Super Bowl MVP Award was quarterback Joe Montana of the SF 49ers.

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Q: Who was the Super Bowl mvp in 1982 and 1990?
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Who was Super Bowl mvp 1982?

Joe Montana

Does the Super Bowl mvp always go to the Super Bowl?

The super bowl MVP MUST play in the super bowl for them to be the Super Bowl MVP

Who is the MVP of the 2008 Super Bowl?

Eli Manning was awarded the Super Bowl MVP in the 2008 Super Bowl, Super Bowl 42.

What year was Joe Montana voted the Super Bowl's most valuable player?

Joe Montana was voted Super Bowl MVP three times: 1) Super Bowl XVI - January 24, 1982 2) Super Bowl XIX - January 20, 1985 3) Super Bowl XXIV - January 28, 1990

Who won the MVP of Super Bowl you and II?

Aaron Rangers was the MVP of the Super Bowl

Who was the MVP of Super Bowl 44?

Drew Brees was the 2010 Super Bowl MVP (Super Bowl XLIV).Drew Brees was the MVP of Superbowl 44.

What college has produced three Super Bowl MVPs?

Georgia has 3 alumni that have won the Super Bowl MVP and they are: Jake Scott-CB Super Bowl VII (1973) Terrell Davis-RB Super Bowl XXXII (1998) Hines Ward-WR Super Bowl XL (2004) Joe Montana has won the Super Bowl MVP award 3 times himself in: Super Bowl XVI (1982) Super Bowl XIX (1985) Super Bowl XXI (1990) Then you also have Bart Starr winning Super Bowl MVP twice in Super Bowl I and II and Joe Namath in Super Bowl III and they both played for Alabama. To my knowledge that Georgia had 3 players win the award one player to win to 3 times and then 2 player combine for 3 mvp awards.

How many New York Giants have won Super bowl mvp?

As of Super Bowl XLII, Phil Simms was MVP of Super Bowl XXI and Ottis Anderson was MVP of Super Bowl XXV.

Who was the Super Bowl MVP?

The Super Bowl XLIII MVP was Santonio Holmes of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Who was MVP for Super Bowl XLVI?

Eli Manning was named MVP of Super Bowl XLVI.

Who was the MVP for Super Bowl 43?

Santonio Holmes was named the MVP for Super Bowl 43.

Who was the mvp of Super Bowl xlii?

Eli Manning was named the MVP of Super Bowl XLII.

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