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The Collingwood Football Club president in 1940 was H.Curtis. He was president from 1924 to 1950.

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Q: Who was the President of the 1940 Collingwood football club?
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When was Collingwood Football Club created?

Collingwood Football Club was created in 1892.

When was Collingwood Football Club born?

Collingwood Football Club was born on February 12, 1892.

When was Collingwood Football Club - VFL - created?

Collingwood Football Club - VFL - was created in 1892.

When was Collingwood Park Australian Football Club created?

Collingwood Park Australian Football Club was created in 2009.

How old is Collingwood Football Club?

Collingwood Football Club is 119 years old (birthdate: February 12, 1892).

What is Collingwood Football Club's birthday?

Collingwood Football Club was born on February 12, 1892.

What is Collingwood Football Club VFL 's motto?

Collingwood Football Club - VFL -'s motto is 'Floreat Pica'.

What was Kepler Bradleys first AFL club?

Collingwood Football Club

What is the largest sporting club in Australia?

The Collingwood Football club from the AFL code.

Who wore no 5 for collingwood football club?

Nick Maxwell, number 5 for collingwood. Before him it was Nathan Buckley. Both are captains of the club

Who has won the most finals in the afl?

Collingwood Football Club

Who is number 22 in the collingwood football club?

Steven Martely, born 1983

How many fans do collingwood football club have?

As of 22/02/2011 the club has 53,244 paid up members for the upcoming season. The Collingwood page on Facebook has 111,915 followers. There is no definitive survey of how many fans football clubs have.

Who is the richest club in Australia?

In 2011, the richest football club in the Australian Football League was the team from Collingwood. They had a total revenue that year of over $75 million.

When was Lou Richards captain of collingwood football club?

1952 to 1955 and was premiership captain 1953

Who won the 2008 goal of the year in AFL?

Leon Davis from the Collingwood Magpies Football Club.

When was Collingwood College Boat Club created?

Collingwood College Boat Club was created in 1981.

How old is Dane Swan from Collingwood Football club AFL Australia?

27. He was born on 25/02/1984

Who's nickname in English Football is the Magpies?

Newcastle United F.C. is commonly referred to as 'The Magpies'. Of course the Magpies in AFL refers to the Collingwood Football Club.

Is collingwood football club full of bogans?

of course! what a pointless question! full of bogan supporters eatin' their meat pies

Who is the president of the Arsenal football club?

David Dein is the current president of the Arsenal Football Club but he may retire the position in the coming months.

What has the author Syd Sherrin written?

Syd Sherrin has written: 'The family behind the football' -- subject(s): Australian football, Australian football players, Collingwood Football Club, Equipment and supplies, Biography, History

How many members does Collingwood have?

For season 2011, as of 22/02/2011 there are 53,244 members of the Collingwood Football Club. The season is yet to start so this number will increase. The club's target for 2011 is 70,000 members.

What has the author Crackers Keenan written?

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Who was the Greek Super League winner in 1940?

AEK football club was the Greek Super League winner in 1940.