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Ron Wolf replaced General Manager Tom Braatz in 1991

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Q: Who was the Packers' general manager before Ron wolf?
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Who was Green Bay Packers general manager before Ron Wolf?

Tom Braatz

Who was the Packers General Manager in 1992?

Ron Wolf

Who was the Packers' executive vice president in 1992?

Ron Wolf was the Packers' General Manager and Executive Vice President from 1991-2002.

Who was genenal manager of 2000 Green Bay Packers?

Ron Wolf

When did the packers acquire Brett Favre?

In the 1991, GB general manager Ron Wolf traded RB Tony Smith for Favre during the offseason.

Who was the Packers'general manager who hired Mike Holmgren in 1992?

Holmgren was hired by Packers GM Ron Wolf who also hired in 1992.

Why did Brett Favre leave packers?

The main reason is that he was no longer wanted, he was indecisive on whether he wanted to retire or not. The Packers decided to trade him because he wanted to play and they did not want him to play with them anymore.

Why did falcons trade farve?

In 1992, General Manager Ron Wolf of the Green Bay Packers traded a 1st round draft pick to the Atlanta Falcons for Brett Favre. Favre had also not performed well in Atlanta, attempting only four passes, two which were interceptions.

Who was the packers GM during their reign of supremacy in the late 1990's?

Ron Wolf

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I think because nat wolf is dumb in general

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Green Bay Packers' mascot is a cheese head. The mascot for the Kansas City Chiefs is a wolf.

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